5 Things Most Tourists Miss in Montenegro

By , 19 Mar 2018, 12:57 PM Lifestyle
5 Things Most Tourists Miss in Montenegro YouTube Screenshot

Montenegro's top tourism sites are well known, but how about the ones most tourists miss? We are delighted to welcome Slavica Trifunovic to TMN, with a few helpful hints. 

1. Špiljari - Kotor

The story of Kotor, one of the “must see” places when traveling to Montenegro, actually begins here. Some even say that life in Špiljari dates back to the 6th-century BC.

Spiljari Kotor


Just behind the walls of the fortress of San Giovanni, in The Old Town Kotor, you'll find the abandoned ruins of an old village that have such stories to tell. Yet, it’s quiet. The spirit of this small ancient village speaks for itself.  It still has one resident family, but sometimes its descendants from Kotor hold Holy Mass at the Church St. Jurij to its Guardian Angel. Here you'll also find a splendid view of Boka Bay. 

2. Fortress Haj Nehaj - Sutomore

Fortress Haj Nehaj in Sutomore is a ruin of an old fortress on a small rocky hill surrounded by high cliffs from three sides. Though it doesn't seem so difficult to reach at 630m above sea level, there is just one route from the west side that will get you there. 

Haj Nehaj is one of the strategically placed old military fortifications around Montenegro. Some legends even say that women built it. At its highest point, you'll find the Church of St. Dimitri with two altars that represent the unification of people from two religions in battles throughout history. There is also a beautiful open view of Sutomore from here. 

3. Monastery Vavedenje, Island Mali Žanjic – Luštica Bay

Located on a rocky and tiny island of only 700m, at “the door” of Boka Bay (called the “Sanctuary of Spirituality” until the end of the 18th century), the Monastery Vavedenje of the Holy Virgin represents stunning architecture combined with natural beauty.


Hidden behind its walls, this Monastery complex, still preserved in frescoes and paintings, is not seen by many. Still, Monks and seagulls are its inhabitants. And there are a lot of seagulls. Tourist boats do not take visitors on the insland. 

4. Oko Skakavice - Prokletije

Oko Skakavice represents the wild beauty of Montenegro. The deep blue “Eye” of Skakavica (Oko Skakavice) is a natural 8-meter deep pool of fresh, clear water, that is protected by the Prokletije mountains (Cursed Mountains). 

This is one of the strongest thermal springs of Plavsko Gusinje, a region known by many natural sources of water. While they are all beautiful, this one is especially. During winter when snow drifts from the mountains, the water looks as if it is boiling. When it is sleeping during the summer, the water is so calm and clear that you can see every rock at the bottom. This is an excellent place to camp during summer. 

5. Ladies Beach - Ulcinj

Now, we bring you something special just for the ladies. Somewhere around Ulcinj in a tiny bay, in the center of a pine forest, you'll find an incredibly charming and healing beach - Ladies Beach.

This little beach offers a natural source of sulfur mineral water which doctors prescribe has exceptional healing powers. The water structure heals sterility, too. This piece of paradise, with its dense green water, is reserved only for women from May until October.  

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