Montenegrin Artists Exhibit in France

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Montenegrin Artists Exhibit in France FOTO:

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The exhibition "Body in Plural" was opened on Saturday and includes works by Dado Đurić, Pavle Peović and Zlatko Glamočak

The works of Montenegrin artists Dado Đurić, Pavel Pejović and Zlatko Glamočak have been showcased at the exhibition devoted to the body, which opened on Saturday in the city of Mitra Mori, not far from Paris. Glamočak is also the commissioner of this event, reports Vijesti on March 13, 2018.

An exhibition entitled "Body in Plural (Corps au pluriel)" gathered 19 artists and 30 works selected by the Montenegrin sculptor Zlatko Glamočak.

"The attitude of the artists towards the body gathered a wide array of artists of international recognition who are present on the artistic scene from the sixties until today, and are represented at this exhibition by various techniques, directions and ideologies," Glamočak told Vijesti.

Dado is represented by two pictures given by his friend and collector Hendrik Bokdam's collection. Pavle Pejović is present with an expressive and challenging male portrait and a female act made in bronze, while Glamočak presents himself with a body made of a colored polyester.

The exhibition includes works by artists Lydie Arickx, Mackie Georgeona, Louise Giamari, Keith Haring, Jérôme Mesnager, Zoran Mušić, Terry O'Neill, Edouard Pignon, Ernest Pignon Ernest, Pierre Pinoncelli, Jean Rustin, Bert Stern, Brigitte Terziev, Sylvie Testamarck, Vladimir Veličković, and Joël-Peter Witkina.

All exhibits come from private collections and galleries.

This article was translated from an article by Jelena Kontić on Montenegrin artists exhibit in France

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