HSF: Milano is Coming to Boka Bay for 14th Herceg Novi Strip Festival

By , 02 Jun 2020, 12:16 PM Lifestyle
HSF: Milano is Coming to Boka Bay for 14th Herceg Novi Strip Festival Mario Milano, Source: Herceg Novi Strip Festival
June 2, 2020 - The organizers of the Herceg Novi Comic Festival (HSF), who worked tirelessly during the pandemic period, are also announcing a new special guest of the fourteenth edition of the event, which will take place from September 4 to 9 at the most attractive locations in Herceg Novi. It is about the phenomenal Italian artist Mario Milan, the star of the Italian and French comics.
This super-talented cartoonist graduated in scenography from the University of Foggia, and in the first years of his career, he worked in scenography and comics at the same time. However, since 1994 and his professional engagement in the publishing house Sergio Bonelli Editore, he has focused exclusively on comics. He is working on some of the most prestigious titles, such as Zone X, Nick Ryder, and Magic Wind, which soon recommends him to enter the elite society. And to get the most, an Italian cartoonist can get- to become a member of Tex Wheeler's drawing team. Milan does not stop there but tries on the most significant European market - France. He excels in the production of "Tuna-Mara" for the legendary publishing house Imanoid, while for the giant Glenat, he draws "Shadow Society." He is a full professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia. It is no secret that Milan enjoys respect from regional comics artists and that his visit to Herceg Novi is awaited for years.

Luca Zelioli, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Podgorica, returned to his old love - comics

The time spent in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic has been used by many for their creative expression. Thus, for example, the ambassadors of the member states of the European Union (EU) in Montenegro and the head of the EU Delegation Aivo Orav wrote the book "Diplomats united in isolation" published by the EU Info Center. The book presents a review of fourteen ambassadors on their work as diplomats during the pandemic, including many details and thoughts from private life.
A particular curiosity is a chapter written by a great friend of Herceg Novi and HSF, His Excellency, Mr. Luca Zelioli, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Podgorica. Among other things, he states that he returned to his old love - comics and re-read his collection of Tex Wheeler that accompanies him on all his diplomatic missions. Zelioli adds that it is no secret that he is a great comic book lover, and describes an anecdote about how he admitted this to the Montenegrin public at the opening of the XII Herceg Novi Comic Book Festival when he realized how popular comics are in our area. An illustration accompanies the text by the Italian star Valter Venturi, whom he met in Herceg Novi, and who shows him telling the heroes of his favorite comic, Tex Wheeler, about Montenegro.
The organizers of HSF remind that the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Podgorica is one of the sponsors of HSF for the seventh year in a row and that on this important day for that country - Republic Day, 2017, it presented the organizers with the prestigious "Caravaggio" award.

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