Tivat, Montenegro: Winter Fairy Tale 2020 Program Revealed

By , 01 Nov 2019, 03:03 AM Lifestyle
Tivat, Montenegro: Winter Fairy Tale 2020 Program Revealed Copyrights: Tivat Tourism Organisation

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01 November 2019 - Tivat Tourism Organisation, in cooperation with partners - Tivat Municipality, Tivat Caterers and Hotel Association, Porto Montenegro, Luštica Bay and Brand New Tivat, announced the “ Tivat Winter Fairy Tale 2020 ” – winter entertainment program which aims to enchant all locals and guests of this gorgeous coastal town in Montenegro.

Tivat's Winter Fairy Tale 2020 begins on November 25th with the opening of an ice rink and a concert by regional star Nataša Bekvalac and the Magla Band.

In addition to the ice rink, which the citizens and guests of Tivat will be able to enjoy next month, Riva Pine will evoke the holiday spirit until the end of the New Year's program on January 3rd with decorated wooden food carts. The Winter Fairy Tale program will include numerous Christmas fairs, charity bazaars, various themed content, music concerts, daily house events, a full day of fun for the kids with the Magic Forest, a children's play on the ice and a traditional Leontine concert with guests, as well as many other activities by the children of Tivat to all children in Tivat.

The main New Year's program is reserved for December 31, 2019, and New Year's Eve with the Lexington Band and Milligram concert, while on January 1, 2020, Marija Šerifović and Saša Kovačević will perform.

Guests in Tivat will also be entertained by Van Gogh - December 28, Vlatko Stefanovski and the Bitolj Chamber Orchestra - NY Rock Symphony - December 29, Željko Bebek - December 30, Ana Stanić & Pop Symphony - January 2 and many others surprise guests.

“The Winter Fairy Tale in Tivat 2020 opens its doors to all lovers of winter magic, festive atmosphere, good fun with fun to remember. Experience your fairy tale on the Riviera Pine and experience the magic of coastal winter idyll in Tivat,” says the invitation by the Tivat Tourism Organisation.

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