TEDx Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference Held in Kotor

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TEDx Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference Held in Kotor TEDx Conference Held in Kotor, Copyright: Radio Kotor
October 7, 2019 - The first TEDx conference in Kotor was held last weekend in the large hall of the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković." The theme of the event was "Reaching for the Stars," and a total of 10 speakers from different fields recounted their experiences and presented their views on various topics.
The first TEDx conference in Kotor was organized by Boris Bajzek, Milos Joksimovic, Jovan Radnic, and, Nevena Korac as the second TEDx event they are hosting.
According to Korac, four of them have the idea that "organizing such events" will revive smaller communities.
"From the very beginning, our goal was to get out of Podgorica to motivate young people to stay in their small communities. Even though small towns do not mean that nothing is happening in them, that is the center of events in Podgorica. We, as a state, are very small and tend to close ourselves as a society. The goal of everything we do is the opposite of that. We think TEDx is an excellent opportunity to send our message to the youth, by bringing people who are from anywhere who carry messages from some of their worlds and their communities," Korac told Radio Kotor.
She added that they also made a big step up in quality from the previous year.
"I have to say that I am incredibly pleased with the progress we have made over the last year. It can be seen in the quality of the speech, the way the audience was connected with all the participants. We are delighted that we have already noticed extremely positive feedback from all those who came to watch this TEDx," Korac emphasized.
Guests at this year's TEDx included, among others, Maja Raicevic, Rainer Hess, Pyotr Prokopovic, Jovan Jovancevic.
In addition to the speakers, they also had two performances, Sasa Mitric, a Kotor guitarist, and Matan Vukcevic, who painted on canvas accompanied by a strong message.
The guest of the event was Marina Orsag, a comedian from Zagreb.
TED, abbreviated as Technology, Entertainment, Design, is the name of the world's most popular conference platform for events, held in 130 countries since 1984. TED spreads messages that may not be political, religious, or commercial.
Speakers, as well as how events are organized, are subject to strict rules, and an essential prerequisite is that the team entrusted with the organizational work receives the necessary international license at least five months before the conference.
Kotor was allowed to organize a TEDx conference at the initiative of the director of the Kotor Tourism Organization, Ana Nives Radovic, who was a speaker at the event last year.
Those interested can read more on the official TEDx Kotor website: tedxkotor.me
Source: Radio Kotor

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