Record High Year for Tourism in Capital City of Montenegro

By , 02 Oct 2019, 19:48 PM Lifestyle
Record High Year for Tourism in Capital City of Montenegro Copyrights: Municipality of Podgorica Media

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02 October 2019 - According to the National Statistical Office (MONSTAT), over 118.068 tourists visited the capital city of Montenegro - Podgorica between 1 January and 31 August of 2019 and that is 7% more than in the same period last year.

In June, July and August, around 61.028 tourists visited the Capital and there were 101.600 overnight stays, the representatives of the Tourist Organization Podgorica stated.

According to data, 8.653 tourists visited Podgorica in June, and there were 31.273 overnight stays, whereas, in July, there were 20.664 tourists and 31.798 overnight stays.

A total of 21.711 tourist arrivals were recorded in August, which is 13% more than last year, with 38.559 overnight stays. The progress in Podgorica tourism is the result of several factors, the development of the tourism product in Podgorica being one of them. All segments in the tourism offer have synergy. In addition, offer in tourism in the Capital tends to include some new amenities, in accordance with the tourists’ demands, their tastes, and tourism market trends.

As far as the tourism offer in Podgorica is concerned, representatives of TO say that NP Skadar lake stands out, as it offers numerous possibilities: hiking, bird-watching, cruising…

Other attractive locations in Podgorica include the greatest vineyard in Europe, "Plantaže", wine cellar "Šipčanik” and archaeological sites, Medun and Duklja. There is a huge interest in cultural and religious tourism too.

Tourists also want to feel the spirit of the town and visit the old streets downtown, bridges, Castle of Petrović family and museums and galleries, reports Cafe del Montenegro.

Podgorica Culture Summer contains all the segments from the area of art. Another interesting event is "Lets’ go to Morača”. This summer saw Regional Kayak regatta, with the aim of promoting rivers in Podgorica and their immense potential for the development of selective forms of tourism and numerous sports.

"As for the newer events, we will mention Podgorica Holiday and Spring Market, the event contributing to the improvement of tourism offer and further promotion of the Capital," said the representatives of TO.

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