Cmiljača Ski Centre Bijelo Polje: New Cable Car Installation Begins

By , 24 Sep 2019, 19:38 PM Lifestyle
Cmiljača Ski Centre Bijelo Polje: New Cable Car Installation Begins Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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24 September 2019 - The new six-seater cable car installation on the Cmiljača mountain ski centre in Bijelo Polje, which the Government of Montenegro financed with the 9 million EUR, is running according to plan. 

According to the statement of the Government of Montenegro, the cable car which is being installed is modern equipment manufactured by the Italian company Leitner, whose products are today present at many well-known ski centres in the world. After a public procurement procedure, the Public Works Administration entrusted the instalment works to the Podgorica - based company "Novi Volvoks". The designed capacity of the cable car is 2600 skiers per hour and its length is close to 1,4 kilometres. 

One of the most demanding segments of this project is to build the access road Ravna Rijeka – Latinska kosa – Jasikovac – Cmiljača, in a total length of nearly 16 kilometres, which will connect the mountain centre with the main road and make it more available for all lovers of the winter tourism. Currently, several contractors are engaged on the part of Jasikovac to the top of the Cmiljača. 

At the same time, the Public Works Administration engineering team is implementing the electricity infrastructure construction project in order to supply the needs of the future cable car within the ski complex Cmiljača. The first segment of this project will be completed by the end of this year. 

The contract signed with the Podgorica – based company "Eminent", specifies the construction of the 35/10 kV substation at the site Majstorovina in Bijelo Polje. The value of this investment, which the Government also financed through the capital budget amounts to more than 1,18 million EUR. 

The total investment in putting cable car and ski slopes into service, as well as the construction of the electric power, water supply infrastructure and access roads, amounts to about 23 million EUR, but only this year the Government of Montenegro will allocate more than 4 million EUR. 

In the area of Bijelo Polje Municipality, the implementation of the Đalovića Cave project valorisation is underway. This is one of the major ventures in the area of tourism, not only in this region of the country, but in the whole of Montenegro. In the next few years, the Government will allocate about 18 million EUR for furnishing and decorating of the cave, the cable car construction over the Đalovica Cave and overall traffic and other infrastructure. 

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