Matko Vekic Exhibits at Summerhouse Buca in Tivat on September 3

By , 30 Aug 2019, 10:52 AM Lifestyle

30 August 2019 - Matko Vekic is exhibiting at the Summerhouse Buća, it was announced from the Tivat Museum and Gallery. The Tivat Museum and Gallery have the special privilege of presenting the works of Croatian academic painter Matko Vekić, one of the most prominent individuals in Croatian painting in the last few decades. This solo exhibition is called „Vekić's Reflection of the Social Theatre“, which opens on September 3 at 9 pm. The exhibition will feature works from two cycles "Ordinary People - Internal Events" and "Mask of the Image of God".

The show will open the curator of Vekić's exhibition, Nevenka Šarčević and it will feature the author. The guitarist, Marko Prentic from Podgorica, will perform at the event.

Nevenka Šarčević on motives of Vekić's artistic opus points out: “With this exhibition, visitors will be able to gain immediate insight into the actuality of contemporary painting, the experience of Vekić's artistic progressiveness and commitment to individual and general civilization issues. The works of the cycle 'Ordinary People - Internal Events' show that the people of today are experiencing their own reality in a new way, and thus values ​​in this increasingly prevalent virtual reality. The images of the cycle 'Mask of the image of God' prompt one to think about how masks have been virtually immanent to man throughout history.

A direct approach to Matko Vekic's works will make it possible to see why his works are intriguing not only to professional but also to a wider audience.

We find motifs of Vekic's paintings in our everyday lives: like cars, bugs, the urban landscape of traffic loops and bridges, and he also paints terrorists, bodybuilders, football players and models, ornaments, masks, and more.

In addition to classic canvases, he exhibits installations inspired by the aesthetics of billboards and creates kinetic (moving) paintings ('The Sheep That Didn't Get Lost'). He establishes his thematic cycles conceptually and in an ambient way, which often points to the possibility of a doubtful understanding of the topics he presents as they complement each other in different relationships. This was representatively presented this year in the spacious gallery space of Lauba in Zagreb. "

The Lauba exhibition ("Doubts and Complementarities") is also featured in the video below:

Matko Vekic was born in 1970 in Zagreb, where he graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts (1995) in the class of Đuro Seder. He is currently employed by the same faculty as a professor. He has been noted at numerous solo (over 40) and collective exhibitions, and his works are featured in important public and private collections in Croatia and abroad. He is constantly receiving significant recognitions and awards for his work. He represented Croatia at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009, with painters Nikola Koydl and Zoltan Novak, as well as at the 10th and 12th Biennale in Cairo, 2006 and 2010.

The Municipality of Tivat supports the exhibition.


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