Petrijin Venac at Budva Theatre City Festival on Tuesday

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Petrijin Venac at Budva Theatre City Festival on Tuesday Petrijin Venac, copyright Atelje 212

26 August 2019 - "Petrijin venac" (Petrija’s Wreath), a play by Dragoslav Mihailovic, directed by Boban Skerlic, will be played on Tuesday, August 27, on the stage between the churches at the Budva City Theatre Festival, as announced from the Festival Press. The play, which is a production of Atelje 212 from Belgrade, will start at 9 pm.

The play "Petrijin venac” (Petrija’s Wreath") received four awards at Sterijino pozorje (Sterija's Theatre). Jovana Gavrilovic has won the Sterija Award for her role of Petrija gradska. Tatjana Radisic is the winner of the Sterija Award for Costume Design in a Play. Ivan Markovic was awarded the Sterija Award from the "Dara Darinka Calenic" Fund for Best Young Actor, for his role as Dobrivoj in the play "Petrijin Venac". The Scomediasco Production Company Award was given to Tihomir Stanic for his role as Ljubisa in the play Petrijin venac.

Director Boban Skerlic says of the play: "With her vitality, this woman manages to survive everything. As much as life throws stones at her, Petrija gets out of it and persistently goes on. I hope the show will affect the audience so much that it faces issues of such a value system, think of it and take it home."

Marta Bjelica, who plays young Petrija, says of her role: "I'm fascinated by how simple this woman is. Combined with intuition, this is someone who is heartbroken, full of love, warmth and thus participates in her life, in her fullness and strength."

Jovana Gavrilovic, who plays the gradska (city’s) Petrija, says: "Nowadays when everyone takes on anemic views, this story of Petrija emerges as a song about freedom, strong bones and back, good circulation. You suddenly want to do something, and to think deeply, which I just miss in today's life and theatre. "

Milica Mihajlovic, who plays Petrija, the widow, says: "We live in a world that is quite formed by anger, demands and expectations of life, and here we are telling the story of a woman who is not claiming any fortune, just is not claiming life. She does not suffer, but simply lives. This is how a human being who can survive life looks like, because it is completely unbearable if you put up with it without cheerfulness, humor, self-irony, without the awareness that you have not been promised anything. "

Directed by Boban Skerlić, dramaturgy signed by Mila Mašović-Nikolić, set design by Goran Stojčetović, costume design by Tatjana Radišić, and the composer is Mate Matišić.

In other roles: Ivan Markovic, Tihomir Stanic, Igor Djordjevic, Jelena Rakočević, Isidora Minić, Branislav Zeremski, Vladislav Mihailović.

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