Crazy Grass at City Theatre Festival Budva on 15 August

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Crazy Grass at City Theatre Festival Budva on 15 August Budva Old Town, copyright TO Budva

14 August 2019 - "Crazy Grass" by Jordan Radickov, directed by Margarita Mladenova continues the drama programme at the City Theatre Festival Budva on Thursday, 15 August.

The play "Crazy Grass" will be performed at 9 pm, at the scene between churches, according to the City Theatre Press. The play is a production of the Sfumato Theatre Laboratory in Sofia.

Tea Schmidihen told the www.kazališ about the Sfumato Theatre and the play "Crazy Grass":

"Jordan Radickov is one of the most popular Bulgarian writers in general, and his works are among the most performed on Bulgarian theater boards. His works often depict the relationship between the village and the city, with special reference to the traditional and the rural, as is the case with the drama Crazy Grass, written in 1980.

Director Margarita Mladenova, on the other hand, is known in Bulgaria for her unique directorial practices and different performances. In addition to Ivan Dobchev, he co-founded the Sfumato Theatre Laboratory, which is known in Sofia as a meeting place for various performance practices and innovative readings.

Crazy grass was created in Sfumato as part of the Noah's ark cycle, whose symbolism is also addressed in drama. In an ironic age of simultaneous hyperlinking and losing contact, this kind of theme attempts to combat collective amnesia, or a kind of barbell in the eyes of society.

 At first glance, Crazy Grass is a bit of a cryptic idea of ​​the disappearance of a Bulgarian village, but Margarita Mladen presents Jordan Radickov's text as a drama about the crisis of Bulgarian (national) identity and tradition in the context of globalization. The emphasis is on folklore and national heritage, which is not only Bulgarian but Slovenian.

Especially striking is the character of an unaccountable old man, a local who has lost his mind wandering on crazy grass. He represents a nation stripped of memory, tradition and meaning, which has gone mad in the pursuit of its identity.

This is a kind of warning of a general loss of authenticity and authenticity due to institutionalized globalization, with particular emphasis placed on militarized groups that leave no room for resistance and other options. Margarita Mladen's Crazy Grass presents viewers with a direction they have never seen, with actors who are also skilled in dance, song, gig and acrobatics, but also an intriguing story that drives one's thinking about identity in today's age of alienation. "

Directed by Margarita Mladenova, stage design by Michael Dobrev and Boris Dalchev, music composed by Hristo Namliev. Cast: Albena Georgieva, Zana Raseva, Galia Kostadinova, Katalin Stareyshinska, Nadja Keranova, Biljana Georgieva, Antonio Dimitrievski, Ivan Nikolov, Dimitri Krumov, Rumen Draganov, Georgi A. Bogdanov.


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