Outdoor Photography Exhibition in Kotor - Boka Night of 1959

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Outdoor Photography Exhibition in Kotor - Boka Night of 1959 Copyrights: Kotor Tourism Organisation

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22 August 2019 - The Kotor Tourism Organization invites you to the manifestation Boka Night 2019, which will take place this Saturday, August 24th at 9 pm in Kotor.

Boka Night is a manifestation usually held on the 3rd Saturday of August and is the crown of the summer happenings in the city of Kotor. This event gathers tens of thousands of visitors each year, and it is one of the reasons why Kotor has a fantastic reputation for its creativity and the spirit of the citizens of Kotor.

During Boka Night, people from Bay of Kotor decorate small boats and participate in a procession hoping to win the first prize for the most beautiful boat. After the best participants have been chosen, the celebration continues in the streets of the Old town, followed by the fireworks.

“This is a kind of manifestation specific to Kotor because everybody enjoys it! Young or old, kids or teenagers - everybody loves Boka Night,” say the representatives of the Kotor Tourism Organisation.

Boka Night 2019 will feature numerous Kotor-based musicians who will perform at the town squares:

  1. Weapons Square (Montenegrin: Trg od oružja): Tri Kvarta and The Grupa
  2. Square of St. Trypun (Montenegrin Pjaca Sv. Tripuna) - "Four Blues Drivers" and Jelena Kažanegra with the band
  3. Museum Square (Montenegrin: Pjaca od Muzeja) - Duo of Mia and Sanja
  4. Square of St. Lucas (Montenegrin: Pjaca Svetog Luke) - "Acoustic Therapy"
  5. Škaljari Square (Montenegrin: Škaljarska pjaca) - "Incanto" and "Škuribanda" band

According to the Boka News portal, on the occasion of this year's Boka Night, the Public Institution of Maritime Museum of Montenegro and Kotor Tourism Organisation have prepared an exhibition of outdoor photographs.

The photographs show the Boka Night from 1959, which was organized on the occasion of the visit of SFRY President Josip Broz Tito. Photographs from that period show decorated boats, city lighting and rich fireworks. Older generations are happy to remember this spectacular Boka Night from exactly 60 years ago.

The exhibition is a small gift for the city, its fellow citizens, as well as tourists, to whom we want to show our long tradition of organising the Boka Night, organizers say.

The exhibition is set on the walls next to the main city gates.

Read more about events throughout Montenegro at TMN's dedicated page.

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