Myrtill Micheller's Concert in Tivat Opened by Hungarian Ambassador

By , 31 Jul 2019, 15:22 PM Lifestyle
Myrtill Micheller's Concert in Tivat Opened by Hungarian Ambassador Myrtill Micheller, photo by Marijana

Myrtill Micheller, the best Hungarian female vocalist, performed last night in Porto Montenegro with her band "Swinguistique".   

"Our biggest goal is to bring the cultural values ​​of Hungary and Hungarian artists closer to the citizens of Montenegro, because we are convinced that our two countries' bilateral relations do not consist of political and economic cooperation only, which is usually mentioned”, said Hungarian Ambassador to Montenegro József Négyesi, welcoming guests to concert.

The event was staged at pier 1 as part of the Hungarian Culture Week in Montenegro, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized by the Hungarian Embassy in Podgorica, and also included in the program of the 18th Don Branko Days of KotorArt Music.

 “We should emphasize developing relationships in other areas, among which culture is certainly in a prominent place. The "Hungarian Culture Week" will run until the end of September. Within 24 different programs in many Montenegrin cities, Hungarian musicians, dancers and many other artists will be presented,” said the ambassador. He thanked the Montenegrin partners, the city of Tivat, the KotorArt Festival and Porto Montenegro, emphasizing that without their support it would not be possible to organize the programs.

Speaking about Myrtill Micheller, the ambassador pointed out: “Despite the French pronunciation of her name, Myrtill does not come from a French family. However, her band brings to life the atmosphere of France from the last century with her songs in French and English, including the chansons by Edit Pjaf in a cheerful gypsy swing manner. Their first album of 2012 was awarded a gold record and they have since performed in front of full halls in Budapest and throughout Hungary. ”

Myrtill Micheller is a graduate of jazz singing at the Franc List Music Academy in Budapest. It gained public attention after the release of the music for the movie The Dreamcar, for which the soundtrack was hired as a singer. She made her debut album I Just Found Out About Love in 2004, with jazz standards. Today she is one of the most engaged Hungarian vocalists and has sung on more than 40 albums. She presented her latest project Swinquistique in 2013, with selected songs in French and English, arranged in jazz and swing-jazz style.

"This is dance music, dance with us," said Myrtill, addressing the audience and introducing the band members. The audience enjoyed French chansons and Hungarian and other popular songs, with some of the visitors singing and dancing with the performers in the lovely July night.

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