Rowing Story - Kotor TV Series Premiere on RTS TV August 1

By , 30 Jul 2019, 20:27 PM Lifestyle
Rowing Story - Kotor TV Series Premiere on RTS TV August 1 Rowing Story, copyright Matica Boke

The Rowing Story TV series, or 'Na veslu priča', during seven years and eighty episodes in which literary authors tell stories of nature and mentality while rowing, returned to RTS - Radio Television Serbia for a direct communication with authors, spirit and nature. It also brought back the documentary tradition of a direct recording of cultural and natural heritage that is disappearing.

In the fourth season, which is currently being broadcast, after Novi Sad and Budva, the author team "What do you want" takes us to Kotor in six Rowing Story episodes, which are broadcast on the national RTS 3 channel and the RTS World satellite program from Thursday, August 1, 2019, as announced from NGO “Matica Boke”.

The author of the concept and director of the series, Rastko Šejić, says: “We met and peeked into every corner of the UNESCO-protected town of Kotor. Today, he looks more like a boardwalk for curious tourists from giant cruisers casting shade on the walls and palaces of the ancient city center.

Gift shops and passing services dominate one of the cultural centers of the region.

After all, statistics say that 70% of Montenegro's cultural treasure lies in Kotor. And that spirit feels a bit carnival. It was a joy to become aware of the fact that three cultural organizations of the 19th century continue to operate. That the Square of Arms was a Theater. Missing originals. But Kotor is still alive. Spirit and stone, cunning defends itself. How he always defended himself. We shot great people, wonderful places from land, air and water. In a political moment of unnecessary tension between Titograd and Belgrade, cooperation at the spirit level must be vital."

Creators of this ancient city spoke about it. Dejan Dedovic Deda, half of the hip-hop duo Who See, discusses the legend of the Three Sisters – Tre sorele in the story "3 in 1 love" (1 August.), and curator and writer Radojka Abramovic considers fate of the Buća family in the episode "And Souls Talk "(2 August). Faculty of Drama Art in Cetinje professor Darko Antović tells about Filip J. Kovacevic in "Idealisao "(5. August.), doctor of philology and songwriter Isidora Milivojević talks about love using her poem and poetic story "Source of modernity "(6. August). Dragan Đurčić, a longtime Yugoslav water polo worker and general secretary of the Serbian Singing Society "Jedinstvo", founded in 1839, presents the legend "Primorac" (7. Aug.) about water polo in Kotor. In a joint episode of "How Can It Be" (8/8), all actors in the Kotor series confront opinions about the modern world, creativity, ecology and mentality.

Rowing Story executive producer Željko Komnenović (Matica Boke); composer Vladimir Lesic; director of photography Aleksandar Kalezic; cinematographer Djordje Obradovic; editor Milan Pejnović; art director: Zoran Mujbegović; announcer: Aleksandar Novakovic; barkarjoli - rowers Vinko Vujovic, Filo Biskupovic, Davor Lakicevic; intro animation Kosta Milovanovic, Miroslav Spajic. Production: What You Want © 2019., Nut Boke. Project supported by: Kotor Municipality, Kotor TO, Luka Kotor, Herceg Novi Municipality

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