Camellia Trophy Won by Fisherman Zvonko Usanović, Online Petition for Wooden Boats

By , 29 Jul 2019, 22:43 PM Lifestyle
Camellia Trophy Won by Fisherman Zvonko Usanović, Online Petition for Wooden Boats Camellia Trophy, Copyright NGO Kamelija Stoliv

The Camellia Trophy in Stoliv was won by a fisherman from Prčanj Zvonko Usanović, who, along with Nenad Vujošević, caught a total of 11 kilograms of fish from the KT83 wooden boat. In addition to the laurel wreath, he also customarily won a camellia seedling. The fishers caught thirty kilos of various fish, scallops, gills and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Within the traditional manifestation "Camellia Fest 2019", the event was organized by the non-governmental association "Kamelija" Stoliv, the Club of Sport Fishermen "Ama" from Kostanjica and the Local Community of Stoliv.

The unique race of wooden boats on the oars was not held, nor did the presentation of the gondolier, because of the strong wind. As told by the president of the Kamelija Association of Stoliv, Romeo Mihovic, just before the great storm in the bay Yachting Club "Lahor" from Kotor successfully held their promotional regatta.

For participants of the manifestation and guests, lunch was made from freshly caught fish, together with specialties of worthy Stoliv homemakers and a part was provided by Tivat Montefish.

"Fish and wine always have to be there for whoever comes by. This is not only a promotional event, in terms of preserving wooden vessels, but also a tourist event. This is the last segment of this year's Camellia Feast, which has been delayed several times because of the weather, and can be an indication of how many guests we have here. A number of guests and locals always come to us, which makes us happy," Mihović said.drvene barke

To protect and preserve wooden boats, and to propose these vessels to be a material cultural asset, the signing of a petition is organized. The association invites lovers of wooden boats to join the action via the Internet at

Kamelija Association celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, since the day of Our Lady of Health, 21st of November in 1919, a Tamburitza Association "Guslar" was founded. This date is commemorated each year, and since it is a jubilee year, it will be celebrated specially.

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