Miroslav Šuković Presented His Artwork in Summerhouse Buća in Tivat

By , 27 Jul 2019, 20:44 PM Lifestyle
Miroslav Šuković Presented His Artwork in Summerhouse Buća in Tivat Miroslav Šuković show, photo by Dragan Redžo

Miroslav Šuković, an artist living and working in Kolašin and Podgorica, has presented his artwork in the Summerhouse Buća Gallery in Tivat.

The exhibition was opened last night by art historian Marija Saičić who pointed out:

"The story of coexistence struggle, the struggle of man with himself, and the story of the inevitable spiritual heritage, are being told through the works of Montenegrin painter Miroslav Šuković. His paintings bear the painful truth about existence, inner demons, man's tedium in the contemporary world and society through unconventional scenes from which there is an unmistakable truth emerging in Šuković's work. There is one question that he tries to answer with the brush, that is, the movement and the color: How to paint a man's soul?"

“Man is at the centre of my creativity, and human psychology, or the inner state of man, is something that interests me most and I have been dedicated to it since the beginning of my work. These works were created by combining different materials on canvas and paper. I like to experiment with material, so I use pastels, pencils and coal. It is a process that goes its own way and we shall see how this story will continue. I do not like calculation in creativity and creation," the artist said about his work.

Šuković was born in 1977 in Bihać. He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of BiH, a participant of numerous solo and collective exhibitions. He won the Cetinski Fine Show "Thirteen November" award in 2015.

Art historian Marija Saičić concluded that Šuković’s compositions have extraordinary power and are not a mere celebration of existence but a picture of mental pain that destroys modern man when he contemplates existence, interpersonal relationships or deviations of the modern age.

Šuković’s exhibition will be open until 16 August on the ground floor of the Tivat Museum and Gallery.

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