Tivat World Music Festival Getting Closer, Featuring Femi Kuti and More

By , 16 Jul 2019, 15:00 PM Lifestyle
Tivat World Music Festival Getting Closer, Featuring Femi Kuti and More Tivat World Music, Femi Kuti Copyright www.femikuti.com

Tivat World Music festival is getting closer to its third edition and almost all the participants who will unite people with music in September are now known.

Femi Kuti, the prince of "Afrobeat" and the worthy successor to his father, Fela Kuti, will open the third edition of the festival on September 12th at the Pine boardwalk. Each festival allows Montenegrin citizens and guests from all over the world free enjoyment of quality authentic music with the best performers from the country, the region and the world.

The founder, director and the soul of Tivat World Music festival, Dalibor Ševaljević, reveals the names of the other participants for TMN: “We have almost all the participants now. From the region, we will welcome the band Irfan from Bulgaria, who will play in Montenegro for their first time. It is a band that has been on the scene for a long time and is one of the ethno music models in the Balkans. From Croatia comes the ensemble Atma Mundi from Rijeka, who plays ethno jazz. From Serbia this year, we have two bands: Bilja Krstić & Bistrik orchestra, who have been together 18 years, and the EJO band, short for ethno jazz orchestra. All together, we have four bands from the region, like last year. In my opinion, it's the best combination in the region.

Coming from the wider world, apart from Femi Kuti, we will have the Tanini Trio from Turkey and a rather exotic band from Portugal, Alba Luna, who also does world music, and a rather exotic band from Portugal Alba Luna, who also plays world music. As for the domestic bands, Glembajev from Podgorica will participate and we will have another pair of performers.”

The organizers were very proud at the end of the last Tivat World Music festival, wondering how to be even better next time. Ševaljević comments that: “The idea is that we are at least a little better every year, which means a bit more money. In the previous years, we have shown production perfection, where we used exclusively domestic power and the guests were exquisite. This year I think Femi Kuti's arrival is an excellent move to surpass both festivals. In my opinion, this is the best name in the kind of music that has ever appeared in Montenegro."

The moto of Tivat World Music Festival is "Feel it, taste it", and the gastro segment will be dedicated to Montenegrin cuisine this year.

The sponsor of the festival is the Tourist Organization Tivat. "They liked the idea and supported us from the beginning," says Dalibor.

"Porto Montenegro and Luštica Development are supporting us, too. They will have one stage each for a night of the festival. JU Museum and Gallery is also with us and there will also be an acoustic stage, so we will have a total of 4 stages. That is more than at previous festivals, and it also shows we are growing in every way. We also expect financial support from the Tivat Municipality, and we hope that some other companies will stand behind this project."

Femi Kuti and his band’s performance will probably cost half of the estimated amount of 50 thousand euro for the festival, which has not yet been covered, but the organizers hope that it soon will be, since this is the event that brings a great number of tourists to Tivat and Boka kotorska, so it certainly gives back to sponsors and the local economy.

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