Klapa Festival: A Capella Singing in Perast Opens KotorArt 2019

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Klapa Festival: A Capella Singing in Perast Opens KotorArt 2019 18th International Festival of Klapa Perast- Program
June 27, 2019 - The 18th International Festival of Klapa Perast begins today and runs until 30 June, as the official start of the KotorArt 2019, the summer multimedia cultural program in UNESCO's Kotor.
The International Festival of Klapa singing begins with the concert of the "a cappella" group Fool Moon from Hungary. The show will be held at Saint Nicholas' Church in Perast, starting at 9 pm. Fool Moon is performing the greatest world hits and is considered one of the best "a cappella groups" in Europe. The entrance for all visitors is free.
The 18th International Festival of Klapa Perast's opening ceremony is planned on Friday 28 June, at the St. Nicholas square with a concert of "Troubadours in Perast," starting at 9 pm. By this concert, the organizers want to serve the shared musical and poetic tradition of Boka Bay and Dubrovnik.
Maestro Ibrica Jusic is the main star of the evening, and the concert will be performed by groups: Alata, Assa Voce (Montenegro), Libero (Serbia), Kaša and Subrenum (Croatia).
"We also revive Perast's love legend named Pustinjak by don Srecko Vulovic, talking about the love story of Kata Kalfić and Anto Slovic, who were buried on the island of Sv. George in front of Perast. Vulovic also musically noted more than 400 Klapa songs from Boka Bay, the organizers said.
Competition programs are on 29 and 30 June in the categories of women (7) and male (7) and New Klapa songs (8.)
On Saturday, 29 June at 9 pm, the women's Klapa and the new Klapa song categories will feature Primorkinje, Castrum Vallis, Senjkinje, Bellezza, Uzorita, O' Dive Belcanto, Luše, Castel Nuovo, Slavić.
On Sunday, 30 June from 9 pm in the category of the small Klapa and the new Klapa song Mriža, Asa Voce, Libero, Valdibora, Štiglić, Zvizdan, Contra, Camerton, and Uzorita will perform.
The Almanac of the 18th International Festival of Klapa, Lirica no. 7, will be promoted on 28 June at 11 am in the Perast Museum.

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