Kemp Speaks to High School Students in Bar about Harmful Influence of Plastic

By , 18 Apr 2019, 13:07 PM Lifestyle
Panel on harmful influence of plastic in Bar Panel on harmful influence of plastic in Bar Radomir Petric

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Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Montenegro, Alison Kemp visited the Teacher's Parliament of the Economy-catering high School (EUS) in Bar and participated in the panel "Without Plastic" devoted to the consequences of using plastic products on the environment. The Ambassador met high school students in Bar with the active campaign in the UK, pointing to endangered natural resources in Montenegro and invited young people to engage actively with relevant services and institutions.

"Mitar Radonjić from the Niksic Institute for Social and Educational Policy (ISOP) pointed out the lack of proper treatment of car tires in Montenegro, the devastation of the forestry fund over the past five years, during which over 30 percent of the trees were destroyed over 80 years, as well as the results of the ISOP Environmental and Animal Protection Team called "Green Patrol." During the panel discussion involving over 60 students and professors, there were student's comments on the recent ecological incident in the schoolyard when cypresses several decades old were illegally cut. Student Masa Kovacevic met the participants of the panel with the school's ecological section, led by professors Dragica Radović and Danijela Djokovic, whose projects received international awards," said professor of EUS Mr. Nedjeljko Djurovic.

The panel was held within the “Climate Diplomacy” project, an educational program for the pupil population, whose main representatives are in the diplomatic missions in Montenegro. It is implemented by ISOP with the Podgorica Youth Implementation Council and its goal is to promote a viable and "green" economy, and that our youth through the presentations by the diplomatic representatives is acquainted with the appropriate ecological practices of the countries they come from.

Text by Radomir Petric, on April 18th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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