Adriatic Artists with "Feeling for the Sea" in Maritime Heritage Collection

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Adriatic Artists with "Feeling for the Sea" in Maritime Heritage Collection Adriatic Artists exhibiting in Maritime Heritage Collection for the second time, Copyright: Boka News

April 10, 2019 - An exhibition of art photographs, entitled "My Feeling For The Sea", by members of the Association of Adriatic Artists and the Photo Club "Marin Getaldić" from Dubrovnik, was opened on Tuesday evening in the Maritime Heritage Collection of Porto Montenegro in Tivat.

The Adriatic Artists group consists of academic painters, graphic artists, photographers, and talented amateurs from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, who gathered on the social network Facebook and thus started a creative gathering that resulted in exhibitions.
Coordinator of the Maritime Heritage Collection, Dražen Jovanovic, said this occasion is the second time that members of Adriatic Artists have exhibited at this facility, and that this setting opens the summer show season in this collection.
Different identities have been chosen for the eyes and cameras of the members of this art group - all "perfect storms", strong winds, boats and sailing boats that float, rocks and the perfectness of the sea connection in all its forms, unbreakable the relationship between man and sea and all the details of everyday life on the coast. The exhibition is of a sales character.
The "My Feeling For The Sea" setting refers best to the atmosphere and the motifs that come from exposed photos on the canvas because it literally "points" to the sea and smells of it. About fifty artists from several countries of the region will exhibit their works in Dubrovnik and Šibenik after Tivat.
The exhibition presented 53 art photos by 53 authors. "It's a personal exhibition because every one of us has a sea feeling. Our first exhibition in Tivat opened six years ago at Buća Gallery, and this is the second time we are presenting in the Maritime Heritage Collection. The locals know I'm dealing with the sea in my professional as well as my private life. I intended to gather people around me, who are close vocations like me. There is a painter, sculptor, photographer, but photography is the simplest medium when it comes to international co-operation. And then we made an exhibition of photographers," said the initiator of the Group Adriatic Artists, a well-known hyper-realistic painter Boris Dragojević, whose primary occupation is Boka Kotorska and the island of Our Lady of the Rocks.
"Adriatic Artist is a Facebook group that we have three associates of professors, artists and photographers, which brings together a wide circle of photographers and amateurs, some of whom have, in the meantime, emerged as top photographers. Thanks to this group and people from Montenegro who publish their works, we have managed to further promote some of the most beautiful motifs of Boka and our coast. Personally, and as a painter dealing with these sea motives, photography is significant because it is often a template for my artwork. Still, as long as the photograph is rich and powerful as a testimony, as an event, like an atmosphere, it can never have so many "records" as it has a living landscape, a picture of a painter with too much patina or some beautiful woman from the Tivat beach," says one of the founders and leader of the group academic painter Boris Dragojević.
Computer engineer Saša Ivanovic from Belgrade, who finds peace in Trpanj, is a photographer in spirit: "Photography is a way for me to connect with people, to live and to make a living from everyday life. Every time I take a good photo of a soul-minded catharsis, it frees me from my stress, and then I'm happy all week, to the next. There are two types of photographs I love. One is this - a marine landscape and I like to do it during the morning, or late at night when there is the best light, and the other is the so-called street photo, where I photograph people, which I cannot do in Trpanj because it is a bit of a place. When I go to a bigger town, Belgrade, Split - then I'm on the street all day long, wandering for hours, trying to catch some human moments that remain remembered. Me, in the soul."
Architect Darko Čaleta, the construction engineer, presented himself with underwater photography: "I have been three, four years in this group. I am delighted, we travel often, and we have group exhibitions, last year we also had one in Orebic. And this one will be travelling. With this same exhibition, we go to Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Orebic."
The photo exhibition "My Feeling for the Sea" can be visited every day from 9 am to 5 pm in the Maritime Heritage Collection at Porto Montenegro.

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