New Development Project for Capital of Montenegro: Mikro 020

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New Development Project for Capital of Montenegro: Mikro 020 Copyrights: Official Website of the Capital City of Montenegro

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30 March 2019 - On March 30, Mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vuković, Architect Filip Aleksić, and the representatives of the association Architects of Montenegro, Ema Alihodžić Jašarević and Marko Stjepčević presented a new project that will be implemented in Podgorica in the following period under the title Mikro 020.

Mayor Vuković is pleased with the beginning of the realization of the project, which, as he believes, can change the “face of the city” and the appearance of different parts of Podgorica through the active participation of people who will ultimately be the beneficiaries of the service.

He emphasized that the desire and intent of the city administration, in cooperation with partners in this project and citizens of Podgorica, is to create urban “pockets” in all parts of the city and to enrich them with additional amenities, thus raising the quality of life in Podgorica to a higher level.

The leading architect of the Capital, Filip Aleksić emphasized that the goal of the creation of this project was to design these so-called urban pockets, which he defined as areas that were forgotten and abandoned by the people. As he explained, these pockets are spaces that people pass by every day, but they do not notice them at all.

Aleksić said that European and world metropolises are implementing similar projects and that the planning and implementation of these projects represent the maturation of a city.

"The first phase of the Makro 020 project is to determine and define the locations where we will implement the project. We currently have about 10 locations nominated by our citizens through city services. The first phase also includes creating design solutions. The second phase includes fundraising and the preparation activities that will enable the construction process, while the third phase is crucial and it represents revitalizing space and putting it into operation, "Aleksić said.

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