Cleaning Action in Virpazar with Help of British Ambassador

By , 18 Mar 2019, 14:24 PM Lifestyle
Cleaning action in Virpazar Cleaning action in Virpazar Dado Pavlovic/Radomir Petric

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"Cempresari" from Bar performed a great ecological action of cleaning Virpazar at several locations. Over forty activists from Bar, Virpazar residents, but also their friends from all over Montenegro and foreigners living in Montenegro, managed to clear the plateau beneath the hotel "13 July", in the afternoon, for the most part, the field behind the restaurant "Crmnica" and Mijela in Boljevici.

Over a hundred sacks of various plastic, glass, and metal waste were collected, but also a large number of car tires, discarded parts of cars, and even motor oil cans.

The collected waste was disposed at three locations, about which the Utility workers in Bar were informed. With the activists, along with members of a small English community that has been living in Crmnica for many years, was the British ambassador in Montenegro, Alison Kemp, who also cleaned up the wast and said that she supports all ecological actions and environmental concerns.

"We do not think that today we cleaned Virpazar, but that we have given the idea that this must be done in continuity both for the locals and for the tourists, who came today in this beautiful weather on Skadar Lake and in Virpazar. Therefore, our goal was to awake the ecological awareness of the population in connection with the disposal of waste in the National Park Skadar Lake, because selective disposal is here, but unfortunately there are dozens of illegal mini-dumps, because waste is disposed wherever, on all sides," said Neven Lekovic, for "Vijesti" after the action who, with part of "cempresara ", cleared the plateau under the hotel "July 13th".

The "Cempresari" thanked Jelena Dabanovic for logistical support and activated both locals and foreigners to help the activists from Bar, and then allowed them to cruise the lake in a motorboat and kayaks. The campaign was also supported by the well-known environmental activist from Virpazar Nenad Petranovic Badanj, who served the ecologists with the fish soup, from as he pointed out, "a carp caught before the ban".

"We want these actions to be repeated not only in this part of Crmnica, but also that the state sees that this is a huge problem. At the end of the action, all participants received the shopping bags with the “cempresari” and it would be nice if all the stores which operate within this national park would use these or biodegradable bags, and not the ones made of nylon," concluded Dr Lekovic.

Among the participants in the action were Swiss and French tourists, students and their parents from Tivat school "KSI Montenegro", English, Turks, Americans, members of NGO "Green Key" and representatives of "Helen Doron" school from Podgorica.

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Text by Radomir Petric, on March 17th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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