March 8th Marks 100 Years Since First Women's Protest in Montenegro

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March 8th Marks 100 Years Since First Women's Protest in Montenegro Hundred Years of Marking March 8 in Montenegro, Copyright:

March 5, 2019 - Kotor Municipality, the Women's and Peace Education Center "Anima" and the Women's Rights Center have organized a program of marking March 8, International Women’s Day, emphasizing a great jubilee - hundred years since the first protest gathering in Montenegro organized by women, held in Kotor in 1919.

"This year, we celebrate the century of marking March 8 in the space of today's Montenegro as a protest in which the first celebration of this holiday in Kotor took place in 1919. In cooperation with members of the workers', socialist and communist organizations, the Kotor women organized an against the costly and approving board, attended by more than 300 both male and female workers. Hundred years later, the struggle for women's rights continues because we continue to live in a patriarchal society that does not know true equality," the organizers said in a statement introducing the great jubilee program.
The less paid for the same work, exposed by family violence to the assembly, underwritten at decision-making places, women do not abandon the struggle for equal dignity. This fight is not just a struggle of women; it is the struggle of the whole society. March 8 is a political celebration that celebrates this struggle and warns of its unfulfilled goals.
Anima - Center for Women's and Peace Education, Women's Rights Center and Kotor Municipality organize a jubilee celebration on March 8 by numerous programs in Kotor and Podgorica. "Our basic idea is to provide a complex insight into the dynamic history, aspects, and perspectives of a women's struggle through various forms - public forums, exhibitions, performances and March 8 March - to track what kind of activism has been taking place in these areas over the past hundred years and we find key challenges in our communities today. We invite all citizens to join us," says Anima.
The organizers reminded of the Declaration of 1919. "This year, we celebrate the anniversary of marking the March 8 in the territory of today's Montenegro as a protest in which the first celebration of this holiday in Kotor took place in 1919. In cooperation with members of the workers', socialist and communist organizations, Kotor's women-socialists organized" public chancellor against the cost and approval committee, "attended by more than 300 workers. Hundreds of March 8 march with us today, hundreds of sisters, mates, mothers, workers, colleges, strikers, mistresses, all of them are our voice while we exclaim a hundred years old parole:
We live in this country today, we are fighting for the shame of today's state, for the daybreak of bread and rescue from the jaws of the navy and the final destruction of the remaining deeds that the terrible war failed to destroy.
Today, women will be aware of condemning the idiotic and chaotic order of the capitalist society and demonstrating for the achievement of a socialist society in which women will be straightforward to men in everything, both in their duties and in their rights.
Today, the state is full of "socialists," but no socialism or trace.
No one can see from the fight that the century was not enough to achieve equality and social justice.
No one can see from the fight that the fundamental civil and political rights are going to be in Montenegro today.
No fight is given to anyone who has to defend acquired rights, public space, and public interest.
Nobody leaves the fight "(Declaration on the March 8 issue of “Radnice Novine "in 1919)

100 years since the first march on March 8 in Montenegro- March 8 Conference 2019 Program:

One hundred of March 8 - (Dis) Continuity of Fight
Organizers: Anima - Center for Women's and Peace Education, Municipality of Kotor
& Women's Rights Center
1-7 March - Workshop "Bit of protest."
Workshop Leaders: Nina Perovic, composer, Blažo Tatar, drummer
Venue: Petrovic Njegos Foundation, Podgorica
Wednesday, March 3
Exhibition of photographs by Marija Jovanović (NGO "Spektra") "When the Daylight Comes"
Gallery "Art," Podgorica
Thursday, March 7 
6 pm – 7.30 pm - Tribune "One hundred eighth march - (Dis) continuity of struggle"
speak: Ivana Pantelic, historian (Belgrade), Mirjana Kucer, lawyer (Split), Ervina Dabizinovic, psychologist (Herceg Novi), moderated by Paula Petricevic, philosopher (Kotor)
Venue: Multimedia room KC "Nikola Đurković" Kotor
8 pm - Opening of the photo exhibition of street performances of NGOs Anima
Venue: Church of St. Paul, Kotor
Friday, March 8
11 am - 12.30 pm - Public debate: "Equal Rights, Protected, Enhanced? - The Status of Women in Montenegro"
Speak: Aivo Orav, Ambassador and Head of the EU Delegation in Montenegro, Oliver Komar, researcher and professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro, Maja Raičević, Women's rights activist and Executive Director of NGO "Women's Rights Center" and Ivana Mihajlović, legal advisor , The Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro. Modrira Duška Pejovic, a journalist
Venue: EU Info Center, Podgorica
1 pm - 3 pm - March 8 march
Plan of march: on the slope of freedom to Sv. Petra Centinjski  Boulevard to the intersection of Ivan Vujosevic and Svetozar Markovic (to the "Maša" restaurant), where the procession will make a semi-circle and return to Boulevard on the street Stanko Dragojevic, from which it will turn into Boulevard Ivan Crnojevic and then Street of Liberty to the Independence Square.
6 pm- 7.30 pm - Tribune: "One hundred 8 of March later - how to fight today?"
speak: Ivana Pantelić, historian (Belgrade), Rosanda Lola Peković, coordinator of the organizing committee for the protest of the mothers (Bijelo Polje), Ervina Dabizinovic, psychologist (Herceg Novi)
moderated by: Paula Petricevic, philosopher (Kotor)
Venue: Petrović Njegoš Foundation, Podgorica
9 March, Saturday:
7 pm - Performance "Son" by Natasa Zivkovic, production: Mesto žensk, co-production: Bunker - Old Mestna Elektrarna
8 pm - Talk: Natasa Zivkovic, author, Maja Raicevic, CFC Executive Director. Moderated by: Milica Saranovic, Assistant at the Faculty of Design and Multimedia and the Faculty of Arts and Communication, UDG
Venue: Perjanicki Dom, Center for Contemporary Art, Podgorica.

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