Lustica Bay Presented: A New Coastal Town in Montenegro

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Lustica Bay - a new town on the Adriatic coast Lustica Bay - a new town on the Adriatic coast Lustica Bay

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You want a new home in a spectacular location in the heart of the Adriatic? You have 15 days to book at old prices!

We present Lustica Bay, a new coastal town in Montenegro

The fascinating fact about the Bay of Kotor is that you are at the center of the most subtle embrace of the mountains and the sea.

In this epicenter of colors and fantastic views resides a new city on the Adriatic - Lustica Bay. A sophisticated Mediterranean settlement was incorporated with the care and builder's passion into a natural environment, to the extent that it is now difficult to even think that it was recently built. Lustica Bay, a small world, has residents from 36 countries, and the interest in escaping into unspoiled nature, in life as it should be on the Mediterranean, is growing significantly.

Thanks to the increase in sales, in the upcoming season, the cost of residential units will also increase, and all interested buyers are given the opportunity to book a property to ensure that the existing price is maintained until March 15th, 2019!

Lustica Bay

(Photo: Lustica Bay)

The development project of the new seaside town of Lustica Bay in Montenegro, which is proudly financed by the Swiss-Egyptian consortium Orascom Development Holding, in the bay Traste near Tivat, has achieved remarkable results over the past year by opening its door for visitors and guests as a completely new, operational destination.

At a place where the sea splashed over the steep and rocky shore until recently, a marine resort with modern berths to accommodate ships of up to 45 meters has been revived, the ultraluxe 5-star hotel of the international chain “The Chedi”, and the first catering, service and retail facilities along the promenade along the sea.

By anchoring the first ships in the marina, with the arrival of an increasing number of guests, and the increase in the number of permanent residents, with an extraordinary gastronomic and shopping offer, a significant emphasis on an enviable cultural and artistic program has been placed, so staying in Lustica Bay is more often on the list of domestic and international visitors. An attractive coastal ambience that reflects the luxury of the relaxed style of the Riviera and the exquisite architectural harmony attracted great public interest from Montenegro and the region. To the sailors is of particular importance a new marina, located on the entrance to the Boka Bay, and a special paradise for leisure travelers is surely the hotel “The Chedi”, a luxury resort on the coast itself, located next to the tucked hotel beach.

Lustica Bay

(Photo: Lustica Bay)

Last year, Lustica Bay was the epicenter of attention to the local, regional and international media - due to the results and numerous innovations, as well as the top entertainment program crowned with a spectacular opening ceremony, with the performance of the world's largest disco bands.

Lustica Bay

Apart from luxurious residences, including the apartments, villas, and family houses that are offered, even more important is the fact that by purchasing a residential building, the new inhabitant of Lustica Bay becomes part of a unique, luxurious, coastal community in the unspoiled nature. For more information about the Lustica Bay project, visit or call +382 77 200 100.

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