Kotor Winter Carnival Held for 501st Time

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Kotor Winter Carnival Held for 501st Time Kotor Carnival Held for the 501st time, Photo by Miroslav Marusic, Boka News

March 4, 2019 - The traditional Kotor Carnival was held on Sunday for the 501st time along with the burning of the culprit for all the problems of the city and citizens in the previous year. Đudić Ultima Montagnaro, formerly accused of nine counts of the indictment, was missing in flames, and the defense was not able to release him.

The carnival doll, which has been mentioned in the indictment and the offense described in the charge on Kotor citizen, President of SDP (Social Democratic Party) Ranko Krivokapić, faced several thousands of people, with fireworks and sounds of the death march, was burned to Mace.
Previously a joyful procession led by the Capo of the carnival, which was made up of several hundred imaginative masks - individuals and members of the carnival groups, the local music of Đenovići and the town music of Kotor, passed the main road from the former hotel "Fjord" to Tabačina.
The Carnival, Đudić Ultima Montagnaro, was introduced into the walls of the Old Town where a trial on the Arms Square was held.
The indictment was attended by the public prosecutor Dr. Gvero Spratkovic, aka Funjara, who said that the Accused had done almost a 30 years of incapacity and helping Major Devastator to make a private company from the state and Kotor, and the local community of Podgorica. He was accused of buying votes in the elections and placing his relatives and listeners in well-paid positions, regardless of their expertise, knowledge, and qualifications. He is accused of wishing the Old Town of Kotor to be baroque authentic to put on an anodized locksmith, spreading the windows. In Europe, he acted like a Democrat, at home as a dictator. He helped to change laws, not to the benefit of the people and the state than the elected tycoons to be more affluent, so that we would all be poorer. He is guilty that the spatial plan documents related to the Communion are not developed according to the needs of the population of the city.
"He did not want to give up his position, privilege, official travel and appendage until he had to, and now to those who made it all possible, he throws trees and stones," said prosecutor Dr. Gvero Spratkovic, aka Funjara.
Despite the defendants' attempt to challenge all nine counts, the president of the court Prof. Dr. Kornito Picikamorte condemned the defendant to death by burning.
After the burning of the carnival, the feast continued on the squares of the Old Town, where Italian band Terraros and Croatian musician Goran Karan performed.
A new edition of the traditional carnival satirical magazine "Karampana" came out yesterday in the press, which reads in the introductory: "It used to be a city of Kotor - today a settlement with characteristics of a city. Those from the DPS, as once Vučurovic for Dubrovnik, decided to make older, more beautiful and more advanced Kotor by the system of PROFONDO..
Karampana as an integral part of the traditional Kotor Winter Carnival dates back to 1926 and is sold at Kameni Kiosk in front of the Old town of Kotor.
Kotor President Vladimir Jokic pointed out that it is a well-marked tradition that lasts more than five hundred years.
"Today in Kotor it was nice to see when the main city street is closed, when people are walking and when they resist everything that has been bad in the past year. I hope to move this carnival maze and walk from Kotor to Podgorica and resist everything bad in this system," said Jokić.
On behalf of the organizer, the Cultural Center "Nikola Đurković," the director Marija Bernard expressed satisfaction with the overall organization of the Kotor’s Carnival, which was organized for the 501st time.
"Our goal was to be better than last year. The procession was vivid; with a large number of masks; with a critical review of the current situation. It was very demanding to organize all of this because the tradition of half a millennium is bound to excellence," Marija Bernard told Boka News.
Source: Boka News

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