Tivat: Almost Five Million Euro will be Invested in Infrastructure Works

By , 08 Feb 2019, 13:07 PM Lifestyle
Ongoing works on infrastructure in Tivat Ongoing works on infrastructure in Tivat Sinisa Lukovic

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Currently, on the territory of the Municipality of Tivat, there are ongoing works on infrastructure and public buildings with a total value of 4.37 million euros.

There is an ongoing adaptation of the building Buca-Lukovic, which is used by the PU Museum and Gallery Tivat worth 176,000 euros. A reconstruction of the Cultural Center facility is being carried out, for which EUR 365,000 was allocated. The construction of the second phase of the MR1 road, which is an investment of 2.98 million, as well as the first phase of the seafront promenade Lungo mare Krasici, worth 747.000 euros, continued on Luštica peninsula. The completion of the first phase of the renovation of the Arsenal auxiliary sports field is ongoing, for which 54,000 euro is committed, which is as much as for the continuation of works on the sewerage in Donja Lastva.

“The municipality has announced a tender worth 665,000 euros, out of which 390,000 is set for the first phase of construction of a facility for children with disabilities in Seljanovo, and 200,000 for the cleaning of the submarine area in the port Kalimanj. The expansion of public lighting in the municipality will cost 40,000, and the purchase of the conference system for the local parliament 35,000 euros," the municipality said.

Tenders worth 2.3 million euros are being prepared, including 700,000 for local road asphalting and 500,000 for the second phase of Belani promenade, i.e. 550,000 euros for the second phase of the facility for children with disabilities. 120.000 euros are for the repair of sidewalks and walkways, and the construction of supporting walls in Gornja Lastva.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on February 7th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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