Arza is Protected Cultural Object According to Constitution Act

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Arza is Protected Cultural Object According to Constitution Act Arza Fortress, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic

February 7, 2019 - According to the architect Dr Boris Ilijanic, Arza fortress is a protected cultural monument, and no one is allowed to do any intervention on the object without the consent of the Management Board for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

A part of the public in Montenegro saw the ad on the site of the Fresh Properties agency for the first time. It displayed an official offer for the sale of a 110,000-square-metres plot of land on Lustica, with the Austro-Hungarian fortress Arza.
This part of the Montenegrin coast continues to operate untouched, except that the area of Arza flew NATO bombs with impoverished uranium on two occasions on 30 May 1999. The state later carried out decontamination. Owners of this site today are a burden since they did not realize the project of building a luxury resort.
arza cape pojekat2Luxury project of Arza Cape Resort, animation
Designed by Mamula, but with many more elements, Arza Cape Resort includes the construction of a hotel with a capacity of 275 rooms, villas, restaurants, swimming pools, marina, spa centers. The project was signed by SB Architects and King Frank in 2009. However, King Frank no longer exists, and on SB Architects’ website, there is no information on this project.
Arza and the resort project advert is available on several sites dealing with luxury real estate trading while the land sales are found in ads by several real estate agencies.
The nearby land and water at the Donja Arza location, with a public invitation of the Montenegrin Government, was offered ten times leeway for a minimum of 31 to a maximum of 90 years, with the obligation to finance, design, build and manage a tourist complex. The 2019 Privatization Plan also includes the development of tourism facilities in this area.
This location near the Arza Fort, Austro-Hungarian building, is elaborated within the State Study of Sector 34 - Zone "C" and Zone "F," owned by the Government of Montenegro.
On the other hand, as the owner of the "A" zone with the Arza fortress and "B" zone, where the beach is near the fort, offered for sale under the Azra Cape Resort project, under the 1854 KO Radovanići Real Estate List, is registered by the company RCG Invest DOO from Budva. Its directors are Maja, Mirko and Olgica Latinovic and Vadim Ogorodov.

The Fund for the Reform of the Defense System of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro sold the fort of Arza

Fortress Arza was sold to the Russian-Montenegrin-Serbian consortium in 2005, consisting of the Serbian Akcionarska Komercijalna Banka, the Trade Unique from Budva and RCG Invest Herceg Novi. The consortium bought Arza land for 4.5 million Euros and formed Arza property corp, whose director is Vadim Ogorodov, and founders Olgica, Mirko and Maja Latinović. Mirko Latinovic is, by the way, the owner of the company Trade Unique.
arza donjaArza Fortress on the Cape of Miriste, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
As was said to Radio Jadran by the Real Estate Management Unit of Herceg Novi, the IV Municipal Court certified the purchase contract in Belgrade on 19 September 2005, and on the seller's side was concluded by the Ministry of Defense of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, the Fund to reform the defense system.
In the introductory remarks of the treaty, it says that on June 15, 2005, the Government of the Republic of Montenegro on the State of Serbia and Montenegro Defense System Fund reformed the military estate "Donja Arza" for sale.
Immediately after the purchase, the consortium announced that it would build a tourist complex and invest 100 million euros. The new owners banned the public passage and the entrance to the beaches, and coves in Arza area. The owner fenced the property with wire, and there was a plaque labeled "private property," even privately secured. The investment has not been realized, and today, after 14 years, the complex is again on sale.
The fortress Arza in Cadastre is not listed as a cultural-historical monument, or as a protected cultural-historical heritage, as cited in the Cadastre.
The Act on the Protection of Cultural Property stipulates that cultural object can be in the state or private property - Article 2. Also, everyone may submit to the competent Directorate the initiative for establishing the protection of cultural property.
Further provisions of this Law stipulate that the status of cultural property, establishing protection of a cultural-historical property, as well as enrollment in a cadastre of immovable property shall be prescribed.
From the Real Estate Unit, they note that the initiative to establish Arza protection as a cultural asset has not been submitted.

By the Constitution, all fortresses, including Arza, are protected cultural monuments

Every object that has the character of a cultural-historical monument or cultural property is protected by the Constitution of Montenegro, regardless of whether it has been entered in the register of cultural goods, claims the Radio Jadran Architect doc. Dr. Boris Ilijanić.
arzaFortresses Ostro, Mamula and Arza are marking the entrance to Boka Bay, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
"Arza was not listed in the Registry, as did other objects of military fortifications used by the military. The census of 2013, when valorization and revaluation of cultural goods in the territory of Montenegro were carried out, the records are complete, with Arza listed here - he explains.
No one can collapse or build without the consent of the Management Board for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Ilijanić is categorical.
When the list was completed in 2013 all cultural and historical assets in Cadastre had to be entered as such, as the Law on the Protection of Cultural Monuments calls for it. This job, however, has never been completed.
Source: Radio Jadran

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