Paradise for the Soul and Eyes: Frozen Plavsko Lake

By , 01 Feb 2019, 13:31 PM Lifestyle
Frozen Plavsko Lake Frozen Plavsko Lake Sena Vatic

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A frozen Plavsko Lake located under the beautiful massifs of Prokletije will take your breath away, and you can be sure of it just by looking at the photos.


PHOTO: Sena Vatić

Generations of citizens in Plav have grown alongside the lake, enjoying all the blessings of this mountain gem and the largest ice-lake in Montenegro, over two kilometers long and one kilometer wide.49808831_658781834537779_2906937649522540544_n.jpg

PHOTO: Sena Vatić


PHOTO: Sead Jasavić

The beauties of the lake every year attract many tourists, whether they walk along the paths around the lake and the surrounding mountain ranges, swim in the clear lake waters or simply enjoy the clean air and the scenery that are unique because of their beauty.

In the winter, the lake is covered with ice, and the citizens of Plav say that in the extremely harsh winters a thick layer of ice is created, one they can pass over by car.

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