Stumberger Museum in Baosici Open for Visitors on Saturday

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Stumberger Museum in Baosici Open for Visitors on Saturday Stumberger Museum- Old Captain's House in Baosici Copyright:

January 31, 2019 - The Old Captain's House - the Stumberger Museum in Baosici will open its door for visitors for the Mimosa, Fish, and Wine Feast, which attracts the most significant number of visitors of the Herceg Novi Riviera during the Mimosa Festival. On Saturday, 2 February, the museum will be open for visitors from 8.30 am until 3 pm. Entrance is free.

Miroslav Stumberger was born in 1892 in Slovenia. A highly educated man who spoke five languages was a passionate explorer and fighter for preserving the history, culture and ethnographic heritage of Boka Bay and the whole of Yugoslavia.

Stumberger has collected a valuable collection of antiquities that adorned his house in an exquisite ambiance, which he invented at the end of the 50s, later called the Old Captain's House.

He gave the house and legacy to the Baosici Local Community and the city of Herceg Novi. The Stumberger Museum's settings make collections of icons, weapons, technical, naval and other devices, amphorae, old family photos, ethnological objects, geographic and naval charts.

At the end of the last century, this museum was one of the most visited places on the Herceg Novi Riviera.

In the valuable legacy, there were over 700 titles. Stumberger's library contained the British Encyclopedia of 1788, the Famous English Bible of 1548, Napoleon's 1806 Code, Astronomy and the Basics of Geometry from 1604 and many more. The museum of Miroslav Stumberger, "The Old Captain's House," was several times a target of vandals and thieves, repeatedly robbed. Between lots of lost artifacts was a valuable British Encyclopedia.

Miroslav Stumberger was born in Brezice, Slovenia. He completed the Military-Naval Academy in Pula and continued his service as a Naval Officer in the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

He was the first commandant of the submarine "Nebojša," today exhibited in Porto Montenegro as an integral part of the permanent setting of the Maritime Heritage Collection. As a captain of the battleship and commander of the South Military Sector based in Kumbor, Miroslav Stumberger retired in 1937 at the age of 45.

Stumberger was a well-known and acclaimed antiquity finder and ship modeler. Among the valuable artifacts of his collection, the museum visitors also have the opportunity to see his craftsmanship- models of old sailing ships he created with a lot of knowledge and passion.

Public institution Herceg Novi Museums and Galleries, after decades of decay, renovated and reopened the Old Captain’s House - Stumberger Museum to the public in July 2015.

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