"Prosvjeta" Awarded Life Achievement Prize to Teachers Čeda Vukićević and Savo Radanović

By , 29 Jan 2019, 12:24 PM Lifestyle
Vukićević and Radovanović Vukićević and Radovanović Prosvjeta

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The Serbian Education Society (SPKD), "Prosvjeta", awarded the traditional life-work award this year to the teachers Čeda Vukićević and Savo Radanović for their contribution to the education of numerous generations of young citizens of Herceg Novi.

Čeda Vukićević (maiden name Bronzic) was born in 1923 in the village Kameno in the family of Lazar Bronzic, also a teacher, as the tenth of twelve children. She finished the primary four-grades school in her native village, which was then the most advanced in the municipality Herceg Novi and which will produce the largest number of educated people, and especially teachers. In Lazara Bronzic’s family, all children will be educated in high schools and more. After completing four grades in Kameno, she attended high school in Herceg Novi and Teacher’s school n Cetinje.

She remembered the war years because the Italians set their house on fire in 1942, so she moved with her family to Herceg Novi, Savina, to their cousins Zloković. As a teacher in 1946, she worked in Petnjica. She got married in 1947 for geodesic engineer Dušan Vukićević, who became a post-war Minister of Transport.

Then she worked at the Ministry of Education in Cetinje and was also the school director in Baošići. She retired as a teacher at the elementary school "Milan Vukovic”. Her former pupils are today distinguished citizens, engineers, professors, doctors, professional athletes and artists.

Teacher Savo Radanovic was born on March 3rd in 1947 in Prijevor, in the municipality of Herceg Novi. He graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Dubrovnik and spent his entire working life at the elementary school "Dašo Pavičić" as a class teacher.

During several decades of work, Savo showed outstanding expertise and responsibility in work. Thanks to his many years of work at Sutorina, this school branch has survived.

The pupils, parents, and locals immensely admired him because of his enthusiasm and genuine dedication to the pedagogical and every work for the benefit of his native region, they say from SPKD "Prosvjeta".

Text by Slavica Kosic, on January 28th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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