Children with Disabilities in Focus of KSI Montenegro Student Campaign

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Children with Disabilities in Focus of KSI Montenegro Student Campaign photo by Antonela Stjepcevic

January 24, 2019 - The "Kind Hearted" campaign started with the presentation of the activities of the parents association of children with disabilities, which is part of the NGO European Home Tivat, at Knightsbridge School International Montenegro (KSI Montenegro) in Tivat. The campaign dedicated to children with disabilities in this city is a project of fourteen-year-old Ksenia Viller, a student of the 11th class of KSI Montenegro.

"I am very excited about the start of my campaign. I have many ideas and planned activities throughout the semester. My goal is not just to raise funds for helping children with disabilities in Tivat, but to raise my school's awareness of their problems and needs. I'll try it out in our school, maybe in public schools, where I could also plan some activities. Here I will be organizing humanitarian bakery sales, different games for children and different presentations to spread awareness of my campaign as well as of children with disabilities and their needs," said Ksenia Viller.
At the suggestion of the Social Care Center Tivat, the girl will lead a fundraising campaign to help these children and youth from the NGO "Europe Home Tivat." Based on KSI Montenegro’s school program, she decided to deal with humanitarian work, and along with her mentor, professor of history Kevin Osborn at the end of last month visited this NGO.
Professor Osborn, who is in charge of personal projects at the school says:
"Every eleven-year-old chooses and carries out his project on something he's interested in, and what is related to something they've done at school, and that can be very different. Some students write novels, some work with mercy during most of the school year. It is essential for their progress as a person, and also for the fact that what they have learned in school is applied in situations in everyday life."
children disabilities 1Marijana Misic Skanata and Ksenia Viller, photo by Antonela Stjepcevic
"I would like to thank student Ksenia Viller for turning her head towards us and giving us her hand in the campaign "Kind Hearted" to give us support," said Europe House Tivat president Marijana Misic Skanata.
Thirty KSI Montenegro students and their professors followed Marijana's presentation on NGO Europe House Tivat, projects dedicated to children with disabilities and challenges faced by the association of parents of children with disabilities. Students were very interested in the topic.
"I am privileged to be here with you today in my attempt to inform you about our organization and our concern about children with disabilities. When we say children and young people with special needs, or with disabilities, first of all, we have to keep in mind that we are talking about children. All children should be loved and nourished, but they also need to learn and go forward as much as they can," said the Europe House Tivat president.
"Anybody can become a parent or brother or a sister to a child with disabilities, and we will never know what it is, and we will never know why it happens, why a kid should have any disabilities at all. Thinking about that philosophically is a special topic, but we do not have the time to consider it. No matter how hard it is coping with the idea in itself and managing all we need to help our kids, brothers or sisters - nobody and nothing can keep us from loving them. Caring about them, essentially, though, is not a problem, or a mission of a certain family, but of the society as a whole," explained Marijana.
The NGO was founded in 2000 with the aim of promoting the idea of Europe, informing citizens about European integration, representing Montenegro to Europe and caring about the environment. Later on, in 2010, Europe House Tivat enlarges the field of their activities gathering together parents of children with disabilities.
"Our first project for children with special needs and their families was realized in 2008 and we collected other parents in February 2010. At the moment we care fir about 12 to 15 kids and young people on the project. We provide some services for them, mainly physiotherapy and occupational therapy, but we also celebrate their birthdays together, organize exhibitions, workshops, picnics; we also used to take them to the Swimming pool in Budva. Speaking about funds, we usually write projects and use project funding, as well as donations from different individuals and organizations,"  said Marijana.
After introductory words, KSI Montenegro students had many questions for Marijana. They were most interested in why there is not yet a day center for children with special needs, their health and social care services available in Tivat, and how inclusive education in Montenegro works. They are also interested in how well in Tivat the infrastructure meets to the needs of people with special needs, which age have system support, and whether  Europe Home Tivat includes volunteers in their activities.
The Kind Hearted campaign, with the support of KSI Montenegro and special care of professor Kevin Osborn, will last till the end of the semester, and Ksenia promises a lot of various activities dedicated to Tivat’s children, who will be thankful to gain new friends to support them. 

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