Northern Montenegro: Improving Quality of Life and Higher Budgets

By , 17 Jan 2019, 23:32 PM Lifestyle
Northern Montenegro: Improving Quality of Life and Higher Budgets Copyrights: B. Ćupić, Government of Montenegro

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17 January 2019 - The Government is focused on improving the quality of life of citizens, especially in Northern Montenegro. That is why 30% more money from the budget was allocated to Gusinje than last year – it was noted today at the meeting of Prime Minister Duško Marković and local leadership led by President of the Municipality Anela Čekić. 

The allocations from the Capital budget of EUR 1.34 million were envisaged for several projects in the municipality of Gusinje, of which the most significant is the landscaping project of Ali Pasha's springs, as well as the reconstruction and equipping of administrative facilities. 

Prime Minister Marković, who is paying a working visit to Gusinje, pointed out that EUR 200,000 was allocated for the reconstruction of local roads in the municipality of Gusinje, which is three times more than it was allocated earlier. 

He added that the key issue of state development is the issue of the development of Northern Montenegro. He recalled that the highest allocations from the Capital Budget are for the north, adding that there is no development without improvement of the infrastructure. PM Marković said that the least developed municipalities, including Gusinje, will be given more money from the budget, and in this context, he pointed to the new Law on Local Government Financing. 

The meeting assessed that it is essential that the Municipality and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism soon solve the problem of planning documentation in Gusinje because it is a condition for further development of the municipality, new projects, including school and sports hall, worth nearly three million euros.

Following the meeting, the Prime Minister and the President of the Municipality will open a municipal administrative centre of over 1,000 square meters, which cost more than EUR 1.2 million. The most significant part of the money, EUR 1.1 million, was provided by the Government of Montenegro, and the rest by the Foundation "Gusinje" and Montenegrin emigrants from the United States, and the Municipality of Gusinje. The new building will provide better conditions for the work of employees and better service to citizens, which is one of the priorities in the process of public administration reform.

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