Montenegrin Roots Important to Diaspora in Argentina

By , 13 Jan 2019, 21:23 PM Lifestyle
Montenegrin Roots Important to Diaspora in Argentina

January 13, 2018 - Montenegro is my homeland, and I will do everything to improve the economic connections of Montenegro and Argentina, said one of the most successful descendants of Montenegrin immigrants in Latin America, Federico Tomasevich, whose great-grandfather Slavomir Tomasevich moved to Argentina before the Great War.

Federico will visit Montenegro for the first time by the middle of this year. His first plan is to go to visit his grandfather's house in Herceg Novi first.

"There are many immigrants from Montenegro in Latin America, and our great need is to return to our roots and establish a stronger link with the land of our ancestors. Unfortunately, I have not yet visited Montenegro, but I will do it already this year. Everybody tells me it's beautiful. I cannot wait to meet my relatives. Part of Montenegro is in our hearts, and we are very proud of our identity," said Tomasevich.
He is the chairman of the largest bank in three states, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, founded in 1915.  In addition to the Puente Bank, Tomasevich is also successfully involved in the distribution of oil and gas, food production and exports; investment funds, financial markets, and real estate, and owns great landholders.
The Argentine edition of Forbes last year named the successful 41-year-old businessman the master of making money. Tomasevich has a prestigious business center in London where he often resides because the business of Puente Bank has expanded to the European financial market.
"Montenegrin ambassador to Argentina, HE Gordan Stojović told me that my grandfather's house in Herceg Novi is now on disposal of pensioners of this city. That this is now the place where they spend their good quality time, play cards, entertain themselves and spend a peaceful retirement," said Pobjeda Tomasevich, who will visit Montenegro in the coming months.
In early December, Federico Tomasevich met with Montenegrin president Milo Djukanovic, with whom he talked about how to improve cooperation with the two states.
Tomasevich pointed out that many descendants of Montenegrin immigrants in Argentina have been chosen to strengthen their relationship with the homeland of their ancestors. 

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