Morsko Dobro Did Not Allow Construction of "Marina Solila"

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Morsko Dobro Did Not Allow Construction of "Marina Solila" The computer animation available at

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January 4, 2019 - Morsko Dobro, the public company from Budva, confirmed that the leaseholder of the coast at Đuraševići, the company FAB Petrol from Podgorica, did not obtain all the necessary papers and approvals and therefore did not receive any resolution approving that a new small marina could be built on this part of Tivat's coast.
"The leaseholder of the sites in question was still in the process of obtaining the necessary approval from the competent authorities, which they notified by letter, and we did not issue the Decision on setting up and organizing the docks and berths. In the meantime, the public company Morsko Dobro has determined the performance of the pontoon setting and filed a report with the Port of Kotor to take measures and actions out of its jurisdiction," said Ivana Lazovic, the PR of the public company “Morsko Dobro.”
Even though there are no papers and permits from the state to do so, FAB petrol set up two of the floating gates on the shore below a former old brickyard two months ago. And they've done that during the procedure for adopting the Environmental Impact Assessment of the facility's environmental impact in Krtole - now the Movida Beach, which guns the same company. Two new floating concrete gates total a length of 104 meters in the form of a Latin letter "L", and are equipped with a yacht connection to the water and electricity grid, and lays to the distance of up to 60 meters from the existing coastline and thus form the new small "Marina Solila". Even though its formation for the state is still completely illegal, FAB petrol is already launching its new Marina Solila on the site of Tre Canne (a residential business complex in Budva, whose investor is also the FAB company). They are calling all parties interested in the berths in this marina now because they will "soon be available." Unlike what EPA and Municipality Tivat's documentation says, the investor company reports customers that the new marina will have berths of up to 40 meters (twice the size of the ones they reported to the state).
Morsko Dobro reminded that last year they carried out the procedures for leasing the location on Obala Đuraševića in Tivat, marked in the Plan of Temporary Facilities such as 10.9 Pier and 10.35 Mobile Floating Pontoons, with the purpose of fitting and commercial boat mooring. Morsko Dobro concluded the contract with FAB Petrol on 8 June 2018 "which stipulated that it was the object of using the marine area in front of the existing concrete pier at Đuraševići in a length of 150m, 3,900m2 on the site of Stara Račica-Solila, with two floating pontoons measuring 50 x 4 m. For their construction, it is necessary to assess the impact on the natural environment."
"As an integral part of the contract, urban technical conditions are stipulated (protection measures, making estimates, materialization, necessary approval of competent bodies, etc.) for obtaining a decision on setting up a temporary facility. The same conditions specify which approvals and documents of the competent authorities are required to enable Morsko Dobro to issue a Decision on the Establishment of the Temporary Pontoon Depot (approval of the Port of Kotor, Maritime Safety Directorate, Port Authority of Kotor, Agency for Environmental Protection, main project, and revision of the project). As the tenant of the sites in question is still in the process of obtaining the necessary approval from the competent authorities, we did not issue the Decision on setting up and organizing the docks and berths," said Morsko Dobro’s PR Ivana Lazović.
She pointed out that they were, therefore, seeking a response from the Port of Kotor to which they had filed a complaint about the illegal placement of floating facilities in the waters of the Bay. Lazovic did not answer the question of when we can expect the removal of unlawful facilities, or when Morsko Dobro will terminate the lease of this part of the coast with FAB Petrol due to the illegal handling of the company and the usurpation of the sea property.
This part of the coast of Krtole has been operated on illegally by the "Marina Solila" for the years it was used by the company Yacht Voyage from Tivat of the Russian citizen Sergey Voronkov, who leases this part of the coast from Fab Petrol. At that marina with a capacity of twenty yacht berths, which functioned without the required papers and permits, there were serious incidents on two occasions in 2016. The 40-meter mega yacht "Mona Lisa" rammed its berths during a storm and hit the shore and the surrounding vessels. In April 2017 a 12-meter yacht "Yulia" was lit on fire and sunk, flooding hundreds of liters of oil into the sea.
Due to the events at this location and the FAB's intention to expand the marina capacities that do not have any permits, the Krtole villagers who have property near this location have been bothered, and believe that such activities of the subject company could be dangerous. Despite this, the fact that an illegal marina where serious incidents occurred is on the verge of the internationally protected nature park - the Solila reservoir, none of the authorities in the state until today stopped the construction and use of "Marina Solila."
Text by Sinisa Lukovic, Vijesti

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