Light Under the Black Mountain Presents Single "Wake Up the Flame"

By , 04 Jan 2019, 13:45 PM Lifestyle
January 4, 2019 - “Light Under The Black Mountain”, the Bokelian blues-rock band, promoted their second single 'Wake up the flame'. After the breakthrough of 'Breakin' the blues', as promised by the Boka Bay musicians, they presented another great song to announce their first album.
“There are nine songs on the album, and we will drop one single every 20 days," said the drummer of the regional blues attraction “Light under the Black Mountain” Željko Samardžić who is also the author of the new single 'Wake up the flame.'
Music and arrangements for 'Wake up the flame' were the work of the famous songwriter and “Light under the black mountain” guitarist, Kristijan Đuranović. The single recorded Miha Radonjić in the studio M Sound, while Predrag Pejić from Novi Sad's DoReMi production did the song mastering.
With the song 'Wake Up the Flame', Light under the Black Mountain once again demonstrated its luxurious music range, as, unlike 'Breakin' the Blues', which they did in the best fashion of modern blues, the new song follows the spirit of contemporary rock with a nostalgic appeal to the classic rock from the 70s of the past century.
Kristijan Đuranović is the leading composer and guitarist in the band, which includes: Danijel Petkovski-vocals and lip harmonics, Romeo Lukšić-guitar, Branko Marković- bass, Željko Samardžić-drums, and Goran Milojevic-percussion and accompanying vocal.
light under the black mountain 1photo by Radio Bruškin
Our style is blues-rock, and this box will keep us from various influences from the Balkans. We avoid any contact with Balkan sound or any other domestic musical direction. So our sound is American, and we will produce only such a sound with our band. Because of this sound, we loved music and guitar, and it is a good idea that what we love and produce,” said founder of the band “Light under the Black Mountain,” Kristijan Đuranović.
The musicians of Boka Bay have had live performances in the whole region, performing at a more blues festivals, as well as an excellent concert at the New Year's Eve in Herceg Novi, where they also played the songs that will be on their first album. The audience in Kotor had the opportunity to hear the new songs of Light under the black mountain and enjoy their performance the day before, on 30 December within the performance of Kotor's musicians at the Arms Square.

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