Ski Center Kolašin Updated for Upcoming Season

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December 19, 2018 - A Nordic skiing path, regular transport to the ski resort, more efficient maintenance of city streets and garbage collection, and more intensive promotion of the tourist offer are some of the novelties announced at the meeting with representatives of the tourism companies by the local government in Kolasin.

The director of the local tourism organization, Aleksandar Vlahović, announced that the season would be officially opened on Saturday, December 22nd, with a rich entertainment program at the Ski Center Kolašin 1450, as well as in the city square, as written by “Dnevne novine”.

The event is organized in cooperation with the National Tourist Organization (NTO), and on that day there will be a 50 percent discount on the ski lanes and free transportation to the ski resort, as well as free tasting of national dishes and wines. "For the first time this year, tourists and citizens of Kolasin will also have a Nordic skiing path, one and a half kilometer long, with instructors and the possibility of renting equipment in the two biggest hotels in Kolasin “Bjanka” and “Sheraton”. The track is in the sports zone just a few hundred meters from the city center. This project was implemented at the initiative of 'Let's activate Kolasin' and in cooperation with NGO “Natura”, said Vlahovic

As it has been announced, after several years, by mid-February and possibly even longer, transportation by bus from the city to the Ski center Kolasin 1450 and Kolasin 1600 in both directions will be organized. The price of the promotional card is one euro in one direction. By the end of the month, Kolasin's tourist website will be launched, which will be, as they say, one of the most modern sites in the country.

According to the director of the Utility Company Milivoje Bulatovic, great attention is paid to the maintenance of streets during the winter period. The citizens can already see the results of the operation of this company. In the upcoming period, they plan to clean the sidewalk, which has not been practiced so far. Novelties were introduced, which, Bulatovic claimed, resulted in more regular waste disposal, while around 200 light bulbs were replaced on the public city lighting.

The big problem in Kolasin are illegal dumps, that is, the disposal of waste next to the container. We are on the way to solving this problem. Soon, it will be organized regularly, and for each street separately, for the disposal of this kind of garbage, and citizens will be informed about the terms later," Bulatovic said. At the meeting, it was noted that the problems of Kolašin were also water supply, as well as the sewerage network. In solving these major problems, said Milosav Bato Bulatovic, will be given considerable attention, and state assistance is expected. Bulatovic announced a public debate about the amendments to DUP Center and invited the tourist workers to submit proposals that will "preserve urban autochthonism of the city, but also provide an open door to investors".

Tect by Dnevne novine, on December 19th, 2018, read more at CdM

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