What Does Herceg Novi Offer Guests in Winter?

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December 16, 2018 - The proposal for the preparation of the winter tourist season 2018/2019 in Herceg Novi is based on the activities that are foreseen primarily in the promotional and marketing activities, public infrastructure and other segments of the offer. It is based on data obtained from the holders of these activities and submitted to the Government for discussion.

"The goal is to follow up and timely respond to all possible difficulties and problems in the implementation of the winter tourist season," the document says.

TO Herceg Novi

The Local Tourist Organization will continue promoting and organizing events that are recognized as events of particular importance for the promotion of the city's tourist offer. The preparation of the winter tourist season is directed through support in the financing of the organization of events in coordination with JUK Herceg Fest, the competent authorities of the Municipality and the local communities.

Basically, the focus is on the organization of the New Year's Eve (31.12 and 13.01), the preparation and the celebration of the 50th Feast of Mimosa and the 24th HAPS.

The New Year's program is accompanied by very well-organized marketing. The central promotional activity was the press conference in Belgrade in mid-October, accompanied by numerous announcements for digital and print media.


As stated, the promotional activities are focused on preparing the existing and redesigned propaganda and other informative material, creating a new website of TO HN, android and iOS application and the participation at the fairs in the season 2018/19. The promotional campaign is based on the hosting of study groups, comprised of journalists, bloggers/travel influencers, and tour operators.

After completing the first phase of the tourist signalization setting, the public call for the second phase is also planned. It will encompass part of Herceg Novi Riviera and the hinterland.

At the beginning of September, the Herceg Novi Card test project was successfully launched, which includes a unified services package that tourists buy at a single price. In this way, the 5 and 10 euros card provide the guests' visits to the main attractions, with discounts at the restaurants that have joined the project. Cooperation with the local economy and tourist guides to activate the offer of city tours.

TO HN signed a cooperation agreement with the Tourism Organization of St. Petersburg in late November. Some initiatives have been planned. The winter season will also be used to embellish the city center, through landscape projects and setting up decorative elements.

City Museum and Gallery


According to this Plan, JU "City Museum Mirko Komnenović and Gallery Josip Bepo Benković" will undertake a series of activities to create the best possible conditions for their artistic and archeological collections to be presented to the visitors in a better way. Traditionally, the 52nd Herceg Novi Winter Salon will be organized in early February. In addition to the realized, it is planned the organization of several exhibitions for Women's Day in March and an international exhibition of 3 Hungarian artists in May, in cooperation with Hunguest Sun Resort.

Exhibitions of photographs, archaeological exhibitions, a series of solo exhibitions, presentations of a permanent exhibition from the gallery and museum collections and organization of group visits are ongoing activities that this institution will perform during the upcoming winter tourist season, the document says.

JUK Herceg Festival

"JUK "Herceg Fest" has always, and especially in the last few years, realized dynamic international contacts in the field of culture, with institutions and artists, realizing some interesting program actions and projects. JUK Herceg Fest, with the financial support of the Tourism Organization and Herceg Novi Municipality during the winter tourist season, will organize the jubilee 50th "Mimosa Feast" and 24th HAPS," reads the document submitted to the Government.

Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen

The organization of various events through which the natural and cultural attractions of this area are represented is carried out by the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen. This is an essential segment for encouraging tourists to visit Herceg Novi hinterland. The Agency organizes its business in cooperation with the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the Tourist Organization as well as many civil society organizations from our city but also Dubrovnik.

It is planned to place three points within the park with toll ramps and the offer of the Park - hiking tours, photo tours with transport to the viewpoint, organized camps and arrangements with other protected areas in the surroundings (National Park Sutjeska and Nature Park Piva), one-day and multi-day. Within the offer there will be group visits, organized arrivals for schools, kindergartens as well as arrivals through agencies from other cities and from the region.





Adventure park, hotels, communal order

Until further notice, the management of the Adventure Park is carried out by the Agency for construction of Herceg Novi. Infrastructural preparations also relate to the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of public areas and maintenance of public lighting and road infrastructure, water supply and sewage networks and other activities.

Hotel companies plan to carry out a number of activities according to their possibilities for preparation for the winter tourist season 2018/2019. years.

At the end of this Plan for a better winter offer in Herceg Novi, it is stated that the dynamics of the preparation of the season will be monitored at regular meetings with the liable ones.

Text by Radio Jadran, on December 14th, 2018, read more at CdM

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