Minister Radulović Visits Highway Construction Site: Tara's Flow is Not Relocated

By , 28 Oct 2018, 19:17 PM Lifestyle
Minister Radulović Visits Highway Construction Site: Tara's Flow is Not Relocated Copyrights: Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism

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28 October 2018 - On October 27th, Montenegrin Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Pavle Radulović, and the representatives of the State Commission for Technical Inspection, Supervision and Experts visited the construction site of the Bar-Boljare Highway and on that occasion, the Minister concluded that the works on Tara Bridge 1 and Tara Bridge 2 are being performed in accordance with the Main Revised Project which was granted all necessary building permits.

Minister Radulović told the reporters that he had decided to visit Tara 1 and Tara 2 bridges, even though he knew in advance that all works have been executed in accordance to previously determined plans. He highlighted that the Ministry receives reports on the works that are taking place at the location on a regular basis. According to these reports, there is nothing out of the ordinary taking place at the construction sites. The Minister visited the location on this occasion because he felt the need to reassure the citizens of Montenegro that the construction project is advancing according to the Main Project. As the report from the Government confirms, all works are carried out in accordance with the Revised Main Project, therefore without any deviations. Radulović explained that during a recent inspection, it has been determined that the contractor had ignored a part of the measures from the Environmental Protection Study, after which the inspector gave him an appropriate deadline of ten days to conduct the corrective measures. Taking into consideration that highway is a big facility, such occurrences are only natural, the Minister added.

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In the latest report, the Government of Montenegro reassured all citizens that the rumors regarding the “deflection” or “relocation” of the Tara River are completely unfounded. As confirmed personally by Minister Radulović, the place of the construction site is a “transitional zone” of the Tara River, where, according to the conventions, it is possible to perform necessary construction works.

"We have heard too many things that I cannot explain at this time," the Minister said, adding that the rumors are most likely being spread in order to “raise dust” because of the fact that the UNESCO representatives are coming to Montenegro next week.

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