Anima: Remembering the Crimes Committed in Our Name

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Anima: Remembering the Crimes Committed in Our Name

October 2, 2018 - As for years before, ANIMA - Women and Peace Education Centre from Kotor, reminds the citizens of Kotor and Montenegro of the horrible crimes the Montenegrin army committed against war prisoners from the Dubrovnik region during the civil war from 1991-1992.

The Center for Women and Peaceful Education, ANIMA from Kotor, is organizing a street action at the Arms Square in Kotor. The purpose of the action, scheduled for Wednesday at noon, is to mark the day of the formation of the Morinj Camp and remind citizens of the crime against humanity that was organized on behalf of the Montenegrin people in the Kotor municipality.

From October 3, 1991, to August 18, 1992, a Morinj Detention Center for Croatian Prisoners was organized. 292 people from the Dubrovnik region were detained in the camp, of which 169 witnessed inhumane treatment. After a long trial of the crimes committed, a final verdict was issued by which four of the accused were sentenced to 12 years in prison. The accused tortured and inhumanely treated a large number of prisoners of war in the camp. On the occasion of the compensation for the damage in the Morinj case, the courts made 154 decisions, which were legally granted and totaled 1,485,510.20 euros. The victims have filed yet another 150 lawsuits against the state seeking compensation for damage due to reduced workability.

For many years we have been pointing to concealing the truth about the events in the Morinj camp and ask for the place of the crime to be recognized and acknowledge the suffering of the victims. Municipal and state institutions have not yet done so, nor they have expressed interest in finding the truth about the crime and contributing to true justice and reconciliation. We are asking those responsible to take steps to make the truth about the Morinj camp available to the public. Remember the crimes committed in our name. We remember the suffering of the victims and their families, said ANIMA, the Women's and Peace Education Center from Kotor.

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