Tivat World Festival: Feel it, Taste it!

By , 13 Sep 2018, 11:01 AM Lifestyle

Septembre 13, 2018 - The Tivat World Festival 2018 begins tomorrow with the performance of the best known Montenegrin musician, Rambo Amadeus.

The second edition of the Tivat World Festival, with the financial support of the Tivat Tourism Organization and Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay, starts tomorrow at 7 pm at the Cultural Quarter in Tivat. The organization of the festival is signed by the NGO Fluid Drum, headed by a musician and photographer, Dalibor Ševaljević. Over the course of three days, guests will be able to enjoy world music concerts from Montenegro, the region as well as the three continents. The festival, apart from the music segment, includes the promotion of local non-material cultural heritage and gastro-culture.

The Cultural Quarter, starting at 7 pm, will present brass music as the intangible cultural heritage of Boka Bay, as well as a cultural fact that connects almost all the coasts of the Mediterranean. The presentation was entrusted to the Glazbeno Prosvjetno Društvo Tivat (Music Education Society of Tivat), the oldest institution of culture in this city, founded 1908. The organizer of this part of the program is the Public Institution Museum and Gallery Tivat, which is also in charge of presenting local, traditional gastronomic culture, with which guests will be able to meet on Sunday, the last day of the festival. The program of the first day of the festival will continue on the city's main promenade Pine, where from 8 PM one of the most significant Montenegrin musicians, Rambo Amadeus, will perform with his band. The organizers also took part in this year to present, beside the ethnomusic culture of Montenegro, also the musicians from the surrounding countries, and the world music scene. After the Rambo Amadeus concert, a famous and acclaimed Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist Damir Imamovic, who nurtures the traditional Bosnian musical expression of the sevdah, follows.

The Tivat World Festival 2018, which will run until Sunday, September 16, will take place at the Cultural Square Square, the promenade Pine, and in the complex of the nautical village Porto Montenegro. "The Tivat World Festival was held for the first time in September 2017, with over 4,000 tourists visited for three days, and due to the great attention of the public and artists from the region and the world, we expect twice more guests this year," said Dalibor Ševaljević. A good perspective of the festival is confirmed also by the fact that, despite this year's festival has not started yet, the announcements of artists from all meridians for the 2019 edition are coming.

"The cultural-educational and entertaining character of the Tivat World Festival represents the basis of this manifestation and opens up a series of cultural differences that leave enough space for the audience to see all the benefits of this diversity. The music concept of the festival is an ethical element in modern performance, and the musicians are from Montenegro, the region and the world. The festival is conceived as a meeting place and exchange among artists themselves, as well as the opportunity to establish some future collaboration," says the creator and director of the festival. 

"This year, besides Rambo Amadeus, we will host two more bands from Montenegro, Djanum and Balkan Mediteran Orient, whose base is guitar duo Nikčević and Bulatović. There will be four bands from the region - Damir Imamović (Bosnia), Kal (Serbia), Baklava (Macedonia) and Drum'N'Zez (Serbia), as well as three band from three continents: Light in Babylon - Turkey, Tibble Transsibiriska - Sweden and Los Milonguitas - Argentina, which will feature our best jazz vocalist, Sanja Raičković . In addition to the musical pleasure, this year we introduce new content. The audience will enjoy the presentation of the intangible cultural heritage of Boka Bay during all three days of the festival, and this program will take place at the Cultural Quarter and in the gallery of the Public Institution Museum and Gallery Tivat. Guests will get acquainted with the history of the klapa, brass music and gastro specialties of Montenegro. This year, Tivat World joined FUUT NGO, which will make an “Abrum” (presentation) for the Tivat Street Art Festival 2019 on September 15th, so on that day we will be able to see acrobats, robots on sticks and various interesting street performers," explains Ševaljević and adds: "The long-term vision of the festival is to create new cultural and educational content through creative processes that contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of diversity, with the goal of extending the tourist season through authentic content. The Tivat World Festival - Feel it, Taste It briefly explains what you can enjoy in during this festival in the sunniest town of Boka Bay," concluded Dalibor Ševaljević, the festival founder and director.

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