Recalling Mamula as a Place of Suffering

By , 11 Sep 2018, 10:02 AM Lifestyle

September 15, 2018 - On the island of Lastavica and fortress Mamula, 75 years since the Mamula concentration camp was dissolved will be marked on Saturday, September 15. 

The Herceg Novi Association of Veterans of Yugoslav Independence War 1941-1945 decided to visit Mamula that day, joined by members of the organizations from Podgorica, Pljevlja, Berane, Cetinje, Budva and Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina), as well as from Sopot (Serbia). 

The venue also announces a more extensive program of jubilees, 75 years since the Mamula camp was dismantled. They point out that on September 15th, a ferry from the Port of Zelenika will be organized to Mamula, departing at 9am, and frthe om village of Rose, departing at 9.30am. All citizens and guests are welcome to join.

The island at the entrance to Boka Bay was leased in the Orascom Company of Switzerland, who began works on the reconstruction of the pearl of the Austro-Hungarian fortification heritage in order to adapt the fortress to become the boutique hotel. Although the large number of Bokelians and citizens from other parts of Montenegro strongly opposed giving Mamula under lease for the development of tourist capacities, the Montenegrin Assembly confirmed in July 2015 the decision of the Montenegrin Government to acquire a lease in Orascom for 49 years.

The company closed the island for the public on 1 April this year and banned access to the completion of works on a fortress adaptation. As they claim, all the works are carried out under the supervision of the local conservators. The veterans from the Herceg Novi Association have pointed out that the fact that work on the island is underway will not prevent them from paying tribute to their companions who were injured or tortured here during the Second World War.

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