Momir Matović's Films at Podgorica Summer Scene

By , 24 Aug 2018, 03:20 AM Lifestyle
Momir Matović's Films at Podgorica Summer Scene Copyrights: To ludo srce Facebook Page

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23 August 2018 - The films of Montenegrin director Momir Matović will be shown at the Summer Scene in Podgorica from August 27 to August 30 starting at 8 pm. All interested visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the films of the famous producer and director of documentaries free of charge.

The films that will be shown at the Summer Scene are produced by matFILM Montenegro, and they are thematically related to the old Podgorica and post-war Titograd (modern-day Podgorica). Monday, August 27th is reserved for the screening of the films "Ispovijest Ribnice" and "Život ih je svemu naučio". “Ispovijest Ribnice” and “Život ih je svemu naučio” represent the episodes of the documentary “Podgorica za nezaborav” directed by Matović. They are part of a series of film stories called 'Podgorica ... za nezaborav“, which is a whole of an impressive twenty-episode film study about the truly traditional family that our ancestors remember and share as the old family stories.

On Tuesday, August 28th, the screening of the first part of the feature documentary "Titograd 70" is planned, while the second part of the documentary will be shown on Wednesday, August 29th. The documentaries aim to present the true past spirit and way of life within the city, the inner soul of the city during its postwar period. “Titograd 70” represents a sincere consecration of the author to the city, uttered by the words of dozens of interlocutors with a story that sometimes causes laughter, and sometimes tears.

The feature documentary "To ludo srce" will be presented to the audience on Thursday, August 30th. This is a sentimental and exciting film saga about the first rockers from Titograd of the 1960s.

The Summer Scene, where the films will be shown, is part of the ambience that has been declared a cultural heritage. Within the assembly of the Scene, there is a stage that meets the greatest needs when it comes to staging projects, so the audience will be able to fully enjoy the documentaries.

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