85 Years of "Jadran" in Photos

By , 20 Aug 2018, 13:22 PM Lifestyle
Illustration Illustration Dragan Redzo

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August 20, 2018 - The sea, wind, and life with boat conditions and nautical skills cannot be understood on any other ship than a sailboat. For 85 years, this ship is a kind of "sailing school" in which many naval officers, petty officers, and sailors have gained their first knowledge and skills on sailing and navigation, necessary for service on other Navy ships, said the Captain Zoran Ivanovski, Commander of the sailing ship "Jadran", which opened the jubilee exhibition - 85 years of that ship, at the JU "Museum and Gallery" in Tivat

Many people who love and respect the ship which, during eight and a half decades of its rich history, remained attached to Tivat, enjoyed many photos of the Jadran from all periods of its service - from the Kingdom through Socialist Yugoslavia to Independent Montenegro. The exhibition also included a model of the ship, as well as numerous instruments such as the sextant, anemometers, barometers and other parts of the ship's equipment of the famous sailboat. There were also several "Jadran" photographs in large format, which was made on canvas by one of the greatest fans of the ship, the artist Goran Grković from Bar.

Although old in age, with its silhouette, glamorous white-shiny body and perfectly elegant masts, the “Jadran” still enchants anyone who sees it while sailing in or from a harbor. The School ship "Jadran" as the most important, the most ancient and most valuable ship of the Navy VCG, in the spiritual, cultural and historical senses, continues to represent Montenegro and the Army in a dignified and honorable way both in the country and abroad, nurturing and developing the maritime tradition and customs, to be a true model for future sailors," Ivanovski said adding that being a member of the "Jadran" crew was always a special privilege, honor, but also a challenge for every Navy member. The old sailboat is admired by a wider public as shown by the fact that the "Jadran", during the manifestation, which was held on the ship before the opening of the exhibition at the JU "Museum and Gallery", was visited by 1,984 citizens in several hours.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on August 18th 2018, read more at Vijesti

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