Underwater Exhibition KotorArt: The Alive Sea of Montenegro

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Underwater Exhibition KotorArt: The Alive Sea of Montenegro Copyrights: radiojadran.com

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08 August 2018 - The first underwater exhibition in Montenegro will be organized in the Aquarium of Boka Bay on Sunday, August 12, at the Institute of Marine Biology. The exhibition titled "The Alive Sea of Montenegro" is presented by Ivana Orlović Kranjc and Janez Kranjc.

This will be an opportunity for diving enthusiasts, even those who do not have diving experience, as well as those who love the submarine ecosystem, to see a unique exhibition underwater showing the organisms that inhabit the Montenegrin underwater world, as noted by the professor at Kotor Institute, Branka Pestorić.

“It's about plasticized photographs, which will be placed below the water in half or a meter of depth, attached to the sea buoys floating over at the surface. Underwater, marine organisms and macroelements, or details of marine organisms, will be shown,” explained Pestorić.

Underwater sceneries are captured by the camera, and then the images are made in the size of 30 × 40 centimeters. The exhibition does not have a sales character, so if there are any interested people in these unique pictures to get for their flats, an office or some other place, it will not be possible at this time.

In addition to a unique underwater exhibition, the event also has an educational character. As noted by the organizers, this will be an opportunity for those who have never dived with professional equipment.

“The exhibition will start at 12 PM and will last until 5 PM, depending on the number of interested parties. We will run groups of 10, maximum 15 people for half an hour, due to the limited number of diving equipment and instructors to assist. We choose to do it this way, apart from the exhibition, to attract people to try the dive with equipment and professionals,” Pestorić pointed out.

The exhibition organizers tried to point to an underwater ecosystem that needs more protection and conservation, to influence the awareness of people to be more aware of the marine biodiversity that "suffers" due to external influences, which the Institute's scientific associates constantly warn about.

Otherwise, the authors of the exhibition, Ivana and Janez Kranjc, own the diving club Diving World in Serbia. Initially, they dived recreationally, then professionally, and in the end, they are transferring diving into photographs. Thanks to scuba diving, they visited all the world's seas - South Africa, the Maldives, the Black Sea, and others. Ambassadors are companies for diving equipment Maris, and behind them are a large number of exhibitions in Serbia and documentary films. They are permanent associates of the magazine National Geography of Serbia, and their photographs have been published by numerous eminent diving magazines around the world.

Since the exhibition is an open type with free participation, the Institute invites people that are interested, but older than 14 years, not to miss this unique experience. Due to the limited number of equipment, the applications are obligatory through Saturday, August 11, at the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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