“Ordinary Little Dream” Leaves a Recognizable Mark

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August 8, 2018 - An ordinary little dream presented through 17 exhibits by the Montenegrin painter Milutin Obradovic will be available to the public from August 9th in the Town Gallery in Kotor.

The exhibition is just one of the programs of this year's KotorArt festival. After Podgorica, Risan, Bar, Belgrade, the exhibition goes to Kotor, and the artist points out that for this opportunity, the series of photos has been expanded.


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"It is a great pleasure for me as a creator to be an exhibitor at the KotorArt festival, even more, if I add the fact that my exhibition is scheduled for the final evening of the KotorArt festival - the feeling is simply indescribable. The exhibition "The Ordinary Little Dream" has been finally revived and its journey leaves an essential and, most importantly, artistically recognizable mark. At KotorArt, the exhibition will be complemented by two exhibits that should have been presented in Belgrade, but it seems it was meant to be a gift for the visual arts audience in Kotor," Obradovic said to “Vijesti”.

Art historians, as well as art critics at the exhibition of Milutin Obradovic, ranked it among the most innovative and full-scale exhibitions of young authors in Montenegro and the region. How the audience reacted to his paintings at the exhibitions so far, Obradovic reveals:

"In every city and everywhere, or anywhere and anytime, people react only to emotion alone. Such is the case when a group of people takes over the role of a spectator or audience. Art lovers at my shows are eager to be enthusiastic, and I am particularly pleased that they leave with such an impression. I guess that emotional and lifeblood on my canvas awakens every emotional sense of the observer, and then there is a spell where memories remain the only present and reality," Obradovic says.

Art lovers will be able to see the exhibition until August 30th, and as usual, at the opening ceremonies so far, and for the beginning of the performance in Kotor, the artist has prepared a suitable performance.

"I love when art is permeating and complementing each other, whether it's music, art, theater or any other. Therefore, I always like to emphasize, especially the opening ceremonies themselves. This time I will ask your esteemed readership for patience and make a plea that everyone interested in being present at the opening night of the exhibition will come for a response to your question," he said. Obradovic does not only show his creativity on the canvas, but often through the lyrics as well, and on the question whether the audience will hear some of them that evening, the artist said briefly:

"Writing it just means talking to your infinity. I will not reveal what will happen at the opening, but I'm sure it will be an evening where my art will open my soul to this town of art and the beautiful ancient Kotor."

In the title of the exhibition itself, there is plenty of symbolism, and the artist claims that little dreams are first to be realized.

"Everything in this world consists of something small. Even that small consists of even smaller things, while everything in the human life that was transformed into reality has only lived in little dreams and little wishes before. So now I can rightly say that small things and little dreams can only become a big reality," he admits and points out that some of the paintings from the Ordinary Little Dream collection are already sold.

"That makes me especially accomplished because they are not with me and remained with me for them to see how old I am getting and I fear for their youth and that they are left in full strength, but I'm glad they have separated from me and to continue their life in space, views, and feelings of another life environment," says the proud artist.

Obradović is still present at the show in Bar, which was opened at the beginning of the year in the frame of the Winter Scene of Bar Ljetopis, and the artist has announced that his paintings will be available for art lovers to see abroad.

"The 'Ordinary Little Dream' travels to Ljubljana in October, while in May next year it will be exhibited in Novi Sad, in April in Banja Luka, and in September 2019 in Vienna," Obradovic promises.

In one interview, the artist said that his paintings, in fact, are the mirror of the audience and their impressions. What is most commonly seen in his paintings, Obradovic reveals:

"It is true that I said my paintings are mirrors of the audience. The purpose of the art exhibition is to acquaint the observer and not let the observer know it. When I say this, I think that the exhibition, with its sensitivity, strips naked the soul of the observer and comes to his only truth which is the feeling. There is a secret answer that is revealed to us, but in part remains inexplicably hidden, and the art leaves you with the impression of the opposite question, which is what its ultimate knowledge is. Maybe my paintings are the only true proof that a man, as years go by, is closer to his childhood, imagination, and perhaps this is the only encounter between the eyes of my observer and my work," Obradovic says.

The most common motive on Obradovic's paintings is horses, and through the colors and carefully painted details, the artist tries to convey the most diverse emotions.

"The horse is a strength, masculinity, caring, and the eternal symbol that the foremost future will have birth to its future. Perhaps this is the reason for its domination on my canvases," Obradovic admits.

His story, "The Ordinary Little Dream", through 17 paintings has already made a big difference. Obradovic reveals the projects he is currently working on and his inspiration: 

"I cannot know what will be and what I will be for decades, but "An ordinary little dream" is just a small-minded dream and I am convinced that it will dream and through its dream wishes will travel," concludes the artist.

Text by Dusko Miljanic and Marija Vasic,on August 6th 2018, read more at Vijesti

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