"Anima Oliva" by Jovan Jerkov in Bar

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From the exhibition of Jovan Jerkov in Bar From the exhibition of Jovan Jerkov in Bar STUDIO PETOVIC

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August 6, 2018 - The XXXI Art program of Barski Ljetopis continued with a solo exhibition by the academic artist from Bar Jovan Jerkov, who with the title "Anima Oliva" and presented his latest work cycle in which the epicenter is the olive tree.

By opening an exhibition, the director of the National Museum, Dr. Anastasia Miranović, emphasized that "nature in us and around us" is what interests this artist who, on the basis of the original, the primordial, and the traditional successfully adds/adopts modern achievements and testimonies in the work that enraptures in lucid directness. 

"The young author, besides installing, robotizing forms of biofotics, focuses his attention on the products of the cultural-natural landscape, and the olive tree becomes an idyllic substrate and a means of exploring the idea. These two worlds that we live in parallel have a deliberate context in his artwork. Furniture pieces made of olive wood are not just utilitarian objects, but a kind of artifacts that have adequate, practical applicability. Racks and tables can simultaneously be exhibits as well as very useful pieces of furniture. When we add smaller and larger icons, also made of olive, but also other types of wood in this area, allows us to actually visit Jovan's mental-creative room, a kind of psychological-emotional interior," Miranovic said. 

Born in Podgorica, Jerkov lives and works in Bar. He graduated in 2010 at the department of graphic arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Trebinje in the class of prof. Mr. Mirko Toljic. He is a member of ULUCG since 2012, and since 2006 has been involved in design and marketing.

Text by Radomir Petric, on August 3rd, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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