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02 August, 2018 - Through the project "Catch the Clean Wave", which is conducted in the areas of the Slovenska beaches and its walkways, more than 200 kilograms of plastic packaging and cans were collected by July 25, which will be recycled later on.

Packaging waste, which has been collected from June 15th in 30 restaurants and beaches that are leased by the Public Enterprise for the Management of the Sea and Coast of Montenegro, is disposed of in dedicated containers - especially glass, plastic and cans. The data and numbers regarding the collected glass packaging, which is temporarily disposed of in the company "Komunalno" Budva, are expected soon.


The project, which lasts until September 15th, was launched by Coca-Cola HBC Montenegro and the Environmental Movement Organization “Ozon”, together with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Agency for Nature Protection and the Environment, the Public Enterprise for the Management of the Sea and Coast of Montenegro, Municipality "Budva", company "Komunalno" Budva, and Regional landfill "Možura" Bar.

After selective separation of waste and preparation for recycling, in which the company "Komunalno" Budva will play a special role, the waste will be transported to the regional landfill Možura, where it is further placed on the market of secondary raw materials. The revenue from the disposal of packaging waste on the market will be transferred to the Regional Landfill "Možura", in order to improve the recycling infrastructure with that funds.

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