International Festival of Tambura Orchestras in Bijelo Polje

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02 August, 2018 - The XVI International Festival of Tambura Orchestras took place on the 3rd and 4th of August in the City square in Bijelo Polje. Eleven tambura orchestras performed during the two festival evenings. The ensembles from Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro demonstrated their skills during the Festival.

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The special guests of this year's festival were the popular Novi Sad group The Frajle and the famous group from Bosnia and Herzegovina Hari Mata Hari.

On the first festival evening, after the performance of tambura orchestras, the festival hosted a concert dedicated to Ksenija Cicvarić entitled "21 Years After". Šukrija Žuti Serhatlić, Tanja Šeter, Nedžib Delić and Milena Pantović performed at the concert.

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At the Culture Centre Gallery, the exhibition of paintings by Miomir Mišo Vemić was opened, and the second festival day, the same gallery organized a promotion of the book "Đevojko, zlatna jabuko'' by Senad Gačević and Senad Kažić.

The main concept of The International Festival of Tambura Orchestras is the affirmation of Tambura music, but also fostering the tradition, cooperation and friendship of artists on the international level. This festival provides an ever-better program year after year, and eleven ensembles from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia and Montenegro performed this year. The event is recognizable by the warm and joyful sounds of tambura, special guests with energetic and high-quality performances, and especially for the wonderful audience that creates an extraordinary atmosphere.

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The festival's patron is the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, the executive producer of the festival is Bijelo Polje Culture Centre, and the media sponsors are RTCG and Radio Bijelo Polje.

Friends of the festival are companies "Mesopromet Franca" and "Put-Gross".

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