Dolphins of the Bay of Kotor

By , 23 Jul 2018, 00:57 AM Lifestyle
Dolphins of the Bay of Kotor Copyrights: Travel Montenegro

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22 July, 2018 - 

The dolphins from the Bay of Kotor are known for being friendly and ready to socialize with people

Their plays and mischiefs are often recorded by sailor Ivan who cruises along them with his boat. In breaks, he often knows to have some fun and plays with his marine friends, so during the past wee,k a video of their gathering went viral on social networks.

Ivan wrote on Facebook that the dolphin followed their boat for 45 minutes and that the animal was very interested to play with them.

He warns that what he did is not advisable because it is a wild animal, but that he could not resist socializing with his faithful friend.

Also, he recently posted a video of the “race” between the dolphin and his boat.


The locals of the Kotor adore these marine animals, and there is even a saying that states “Man at the land – Dolphin in the sea”.


Dolphins often come to the Bay of Kotor, but none are even half as popular as the dolphin Joca, who back in the 80’s was a tourist attraction and at some point, even more popular than Brad Pitt. The famous actor met with the dolphin on the set of his film “The Dark Side of the Sun”.


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