Tivat Receives New Art Gallery

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Tivat Receives New Art Gallery Copyrights: Municipality of Tivat

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July 12, 2018 - The Tiodorović family continues the tradition and love that is embedded in its essence. The town of Tivat will become richer for an unusual artistic space. The gallery and studio “Art & Soul” will be officially opened on July 14th at 8 PM. This gallery came out as a continuation of the family gallery tradition and the desire to promote Montenegrin fine art in the right way.

"Even as a little girl, I wanted to become a painter. This desire probably came from my family environment, because my grandfather was a great lover of painting and a great collector. This love has been passed on to parents, our house was always full of art historians, painters, sculptors, collectors and galleries,” said Montenegrin painter Ivana Tiodorović.

The Art & Soul Gallery concept will be specific for emphasizing young artists, who by opening this art space will have a chance to show their value and originality to the world. Just as the first exhibition of Ivana Tiodorović, this exhibition will officially open the new Tivat Gallery.

Ivana Tiodorović graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje in 2011, a department of painting in the class of professor Ratko Odalović, after completing basic studies of painting in the class of professor Zoran Pavlovic at the Academy of Arts "BK" in Belgrade. She is a participant in many groups and solo exhibitions, as well as art colonies in the country and abroad. She has been a member of ULUCG since 2006.

According to art historian Ljiljana Zeković, who will open an exhibition at the “Art & Soul” Art Gallery of Tivat, Ivana Tiodorović's painting cannot leave the observer indifferent, it strongly attacks his consciousness, sensory and thought system causing various emotional reactions.

"The awakening of the image space with the absolute language of color, which, in the harmonic synthesis with the form becomes the source of pure art energy for itself, is characterized by the painting work by Ivana Tiodorović, an artist who in contemporary Montenegrin painting occupies a unique place in the domain of unquestioned, powerful expressionism of Van Gogh’s provenance. The aforementioned premise points us to an abstract formalization of the idea; however, Ivana's painting can only be viewed through an associative-real dimension in the domain of the perceptual experience that the artist transforms into a new painting reality. Its manner of visual interpretation is also evident in the paintings of seaside landscapes, showing the masterful reign of the painter's patchwork relief and the orchestration of the "flaming" fovists coloration. The brutal power of her hand and thought fascinates us with the freedom of the ambient atmosphere that the author fulfills with the magic of special emotional numbness," concluded Zeković when asked about the work of Ivana Tiodorović.

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