Pipo’s Crosses Embellish the Chambers of Vatican Leaders

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He personally gave the gift to the second most important man of Vatican He personally gave the gift to the second most important man of Vatican Studio Petovic

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July 8, 2018 - Filip Jovovic from Old Bar is the only citizen from Bar who can boast that his two handicrafts embellish the residencies in the Vatican, i.e. from the Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolina, the State Secretary of the Holy See.

The first gift - the stylized cross made of olive tree by the popular Pipo, was handed over to the Pope by the archbishop of Bar, Rok Djonlešaj, last year in February, and the second one was officially received by the second most important man in the Vatican personally on his name-day celebration in the cathedral of St. Peter Apostol on Topolica. On St. Peter’s Day, Cardinal Parolin served the Holy Mass, and Pipo's Cross with the arms of brotherly love, also made of olive wood, aroused the admiration of everyone who was lucky to see it. 

"When it was announced that Cardinal Parolin would visit us, the Archbishop asked me to make an authentic gift from this region. I decided that it would be a cross again, of course, from the olive tree, but not the same as the one given to the pope. I was looking for a keynote, I found this one which I liked because it has a strong symbolism - a message of love towards the people of different religions. I made several versions, presented them to the archbishop, and at the end, a final one was chosen, " the famous olive producer and souvenir manufacturer from Bar said. 


The cross given to the cardinal PHOTO: Radomir Petrić

The descendant from one of the oldest families in Bar – for centuries linked to the Archdiocese and olive groves in Gretva, in Old Bar, and whose ancestor Vasilj was the mayor of Bara and Šušanj in the 17th century - Jovović is recognized and popular in Bar today as an activist and humanitarian. He is currently unemployed and living from making and selling souvenirs at fairs, and in his family estate since 2003, parched olive trees are transformed into unique gifts.

"A gift to the State Secretary of the Holy See is an exceptional honor and pride, not just to me personally, both as a citizen and as a believer, but also to my family, Gretva and the parish of Bar, not to go any further." 

Pipo says that the creation of the cross for the State Secretary of the Holy See was a great honor, so he did not think much about how the delivery would go. 

"What a big job to hand over a gift".


A great honor was denoted to him: Jovović FOTO: Radomir Petrić 

 He says that he still experienced a great surprise during the mass with many believers. "Then they told me I would personally hand over the cross to the cardinal. I was confused, I wondered what should I do if they asked me something because I do not know Italian, I did not even have a tie, and in that confusion, I forgot to wear the jacket I brought to the cathedral. Don Simo Ljuljić told me, 'It will be okay' and so it was. I understood the cardinal‘s 'grazie' (thank you) when I gave him the cross."

Text by Radomir Petric, on July 7t,h 2018, read more at Vijesti

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